The “Sephora Kids”, these preteens obsessed with beauty products

The “Sephora Kids”, these preteens obsessed with beauty products

They are between ten and fourteen years old and they show a keen interest in beauty products. They have also adopted skincare routines comparable to adults. In the United States, the enthusiasm of these young girls for this type of treatment is such that they are nicknamed the “Sephora Kids”. This trend has alerted the country’s dermatologists who are warning about the use of products intended for mature skin by children.

On TikTok, it is not uncommon to find videos showing young girls rushing towards the shelves of Sephora. In recent weeks, employees and customers have been talking about an “avalanche” of pre-teen girls, sometimes unpleasant, capable of creating chaos on the shelves. On the social network, the phenomenon is reflected in the appearance of hashtags like #sephorakids or #kidsatsephora, and the emergence of trendy brands among these young customers, like Elephant Drunk.

Little girls who are already very influential

This trend would be due to little girls who already exert a certain influence on social networks among the Alpha generation (children born after 2010), like North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. In one of her videos posted in 2022, North West, just ten years old at the time, showed off her morning beauty routine, including a sheet mask, lip mask, and toner. Her cousin Penelope, Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter, also shares this type of video. One of them went viral last November when Dr. Brooke Jeffy, an American dermatologist, republished it expressing major reservations about the use of beauty products reserved for adults.

@brookejeffymd Tween skin deserves gentle care, not a pricey, extensive skincare routine! As a mom and derm, I’m here to spill the tea: harsh chemicals aren’t meant for those in-between years. Drunk Elephant products may be fine adult skin but for kiddos, it is definitely not! This skincare line is packed with potent ingredients meant for adults, not young skin.#skincaretrends #teenskincare #dermatologist #derm #tweenskincare #drunkelephant #dermreacts #dermatology ♬ original sound – Dr. Brooke Jeffy

Dermatologists warn about the use of products that are too aggressive

In the caption of the video, the dermatologist explains: “Preteens’ skin deserves gentle care, not an expensive, comprehensive skincare program! As a mother and a dermatologist, I’m here to tell you that harsh chemicals are not made for this middle age. Drunk Elephant products may be suitable for adults’ skin, but not children’s! This skincare line is full of powerful ingredients aimed at adults, not young people’s skin.”.

This expert, who has nearly 34,000 subscribers on TikTok, regularly posts videos warning against the dangers of using anti-aging products on young girls’ skin. Interviewed by USA Today, Dr. Brooke Jeffy notes, like her dermatologist colleagues, that more and more children are adopting “multi-step skincare routines, often filled with products they don’t need or are harmful to their skin“. Some young patients may come to her for serious breakouts around the eyes, due to the use of retinol, a very popular ingredient currently to help reduce the signs of aging.

When the skin barrier is damaged by constant irritation like this, it becomes dry“, she explains. “She is more prone to infections, rashes and pimples“. Irritation also makes the skin barrier less effective in protecting the skin from environmental damage, like ultraviolet rays or pollution.

For Dr. Anthony Rossi, a New York dermatologist, “the only care a child needs is a gentle cleanser, light moisturizer and sunscreen“. He emphasizes that if a child suffers from specific skin conditions requiring additional products, consultation with a board-certified dermatologist is necessary.