The Shoe Theory or the theory of the shoe that makes couples stumble

The Shoe Theory or the theory of the shoe that makes couples stumble

To stay as a couple, never give your other half shoes. According to an old Chinese superstition, recently revived on TikTok, this seemingly innocuous gift could be the precursor to a breakup. It’s called ‘The Shoe Theory’.

In the quest for a soul mate, finding the right match is already a challenge. But keeping it seems even more complicated, especially if we rely on “The Shoe Theory,” which is making waves on TikTok. The hashtag #ShoeTheory has even accumulated more than 35 million views, showing the growing interest in this belief.

Giving shoes… Not a good idea for the couple!

The origin of this love rule is found in a Chinese superstition. Giving a pair of shoes to your partner would be a bad omen, symbolizing an invitation to “walk away” from the relationship. Some even go so far as to call it a curse that forces the person to leave. Angela Chan, a content creator on TikTok, explains that the term “shoe” in Chinese sounds similar to other words related to bad luck, which contributed to this belief.

Although the trend emerged in 2022, it has recently resurfaced with many young users sharing personal anecdotes related to this superstition. They talk about how gifting shoes coincided with unexpected breakups in their romantic relationships.

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A superstition and a placebo effect?

Some experts suggest this theory could have a placebo effect. In other words, belief in superstition could unconsciously influence behaviors in a relationship, thus leading to its deterioration. However, no direct and scientific link has been established.

The “Shoe Theory” remains an intriguing phenomenon, mixing superstition and social psychology. If this rule has captivated the attention of thousands of Internet users, many other theories on romantic relationships find an echo on TikTok, like the Orange Peel Theory or the bird test, illustrating the diversity modern beliefs and superstitions linked to love that are very trendy on social networks.