The “skincare breakfast”, the breakfast to overcome your skin problems

The "skincare breakfast", the breakfast to overcome your skin problems

We know that breakfast is essential to start the day off right. But Internet users believe that it is also the key to having skin without imperfections. Miso broth, salmon, oatmeal, yogurt… There are many foods that could become your new beauty allies. It remains to be seen whether this routine is (really) effective. We tell you everything!

What if food helped you make your skin glow? On TikTok, skincare enthusiasts have found a new way to take care of their skin. Code name: “the skincare breakfast.” For those who do not know yet, it is a question of concocting a breakfast rich in vitamins and proteins. According to socionauts, it would be as effective as cosmetics to erase imperfections.

Take care of your skin from within

It all started with a video posted by TikTokeuse Alice C. Sun, who, like many, has problems with dry skin. To remedy this, the young woman starts her day with a breakfast consisting of miso soup, crispy salmon, kimchi, shredded cabbage, rice, and cucumber. Beyond the delicious appearance of the meal, this combination of foods would be effective in hydrating the skin. The user explains this by the high protein and probiotic content of the ingredients. It didn’t take much for the video to go viral, and rack up nearly 600,000 views. And it doesn’t stop there, since in other videos, she offers an anthology of other ‘skincare dishes’. We discover in particular peach and mushroom smoothies, flower syrups or even lemon mocktails.

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Other content creators also advocate the “skincare breakfast” in videos posted on TikTok. In one of her publications, isabelle.lux elaborates a special “glowing skin” yoghurt made from coconut, with pumpkin and chia seeds, berries and probiotics. And in another video, user lifewithmils says oatmeal helped her get rid of her acne. So info or intox? Can eating healthy really help to have perfect skin? For experts, this helps preserve health, but skin problems do not disappear by magic.

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Food, not the “only factor”

There is no scientific evidence to claim that any specific food is beneficial for the skin“Dermatologist Natalia Spierings told Metro. While junk food can have a negative impact on complexion, “there is no specific food or thing that someone can do to improve their skin ‘from the inside’. – apart from quitting smoking if you smoke,” adds the specialist.

For nutrition expert Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, food isn’t the “only factor” for healthier skin. “There is a connection between the health of your gut, including your microbiome, and the health of your skin. So if you’re dealing with pesky skin issues that don’t respond to topical solutions, looking within is always a good idea. And healing your gut is the first step“, she told the New York Post, adding that bone broth, collagen powder and a source of fiber are her “favorite foods” for healing the gut.

But there are still foods to avoid, especially for acne-prone skin. Dr. Petrucci warns of “sugary, carbohydrate-rich foods,” which are responsible for spikes in blood sugar. She adds “Sugar, in turn, speeds up your production of AGEs, or advanced glycation end products. These ‘stiffen up’ collagen and elastin, damaging your skin and making it harder to repair“. This would have the effect of accelerating the aging of the skin.

What foods to eat to have beautiful skin?

Slide: What foods to eat to have beautiful skin?