The three worst cold cuts for your health

The three worst cold cuts for your health

Do you love salami, sausage, ham and mortadella? Be careful, certain cold meats should be avoided. On TikTok, dietician Raphaël Gruman listed the three worst for your health.

It’s a fact, cold meats are not the most recommended diet for your health. Despite everything, if you fall for a little, know that certain specialties are more harmful than others. Three charcuteries in particular would be “fatter and more caloric than the others.. Update on this announcement.

Fats that promote deposits in the arteries

No offense to the Italians, the first charcuterie to be ruled out is the famous mortadella.

In this type of product, what poses a problem is the content of saturated fats which are harmful to the body. They will promote the development of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries. So, for mortadella, pay attention to the quantities and pay attention to the frequency!“, reveals the nutrition expert.

Another charcuterie in the viewfinder of the dietician-nutritionist: rillettes, particularly pork, which are excessively high in calories.

Approximately 50% of the product is composed only of fat”, he declared while taking the example of a pot of rillettes from a very well-known brand. “Here, we have 40 grams of lipids per 100 grams, which is enormous!”.

The dietitian-nutritionist therefore recommends consuming this product sparingly, especially since it is most often spread on bread.“Ce which increases carbohydrate intake”, he warns.

Finally, in top 1 of the podium, we find sausage.

This product, very popular with the French, turns out to be the most caloric cold meats: “For 100 grams of product, you have 460 calories.”, explains the expert.

The problem ? “It is a product that we tend to consume quite frequently in Europe as an aperitif for example and in quantities which are ultimately quite large.. ASo be careful with this product which will provide a lot of fat to your body.”concludes the expert.

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Watch out for nitrites!

In addition to their bad fats, many cold meats, including white ham, contain very toxic substances such as nitrites (E249, E251, E252 and E250, etc.).

Used for a long time to guarantee their conservation and a high level of microbiological safety, these nitrites “are directly incriminated (…) in stomach cancers and colorectal cancers, of which more than 4,000 new cases per year are directly attributed to cold meats“, alerts Emmanuel Ricard, spokesperson for the League Against Cancer.

Consumption of cold meats is also associated with increased risks of diabetes and hypertension.

Yes, so to treat yourself from time to time with a piece of sausage (ideally good quality), but in moderation!