The TikTok trend to try close to home for your physical and mental health

The TikTok trend to try close to home for your physical and mental health

Through the accounts of several influencers, TikTok promotes a new activity ideal for clearing your head and seeing everyday life in a new light. An activity accessible wherever you live.

Did you know about hiking? This more or less arduous walk in a natural environment which allows you to discover the environment? Here it is today in its urban form, between alleys, bridges and monuments. The trend is now popular with many TikTok users who demonstrate how they discover their place of residence in a new light. And this would have several beneficial effects on health.

What is urban hiking?

Don't be put off by the image of grayish exhaust pipes or facades. Urban hiking as it is experienced by Internet users is a form of walking or hiking which takes place in a city, rather than in a natural hiking setting, but which advocates both physical activity and relaxation. exploration of places. The advantage? There aren't really any rules, it can be a long walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood, like around your home in the area of ​​your choice. On the other hand, the benefits of walking are there.

The benefits of walking in an urban environment

Although done in the city, urban hiking is a low-impact form of exercise (one that doesn't put a lot of strain on the joints), which has many benefits, including improving cardiovascular health, building muscle and promoting overall fitness.

  • Like walking in the fresh air, it allows you to maintain a brisk pace for at least 150 minutes a week without much effort, which can help you sleep better, increase your energy, improve your blood pressure, blood sugar and your blood cholesterol levels, improve your mental health and cognitive functions, strengthen the strength of your bones and reduce your risk of serious illnesses;
  • Urban hiking also has benefits for mental health by allowing you to take a break from everyday life, but not only that: according to its fans, urban hiking offers a chance to relax in the middle of the hustle and bustle of urban life, but also to explore new neighborhoods and discover new trails, which can stimulate curiosity and creativity;
  • Finally, urban hiking also offers an excellent opportunity to connect with a community, whether you consider it with friends, or with a group of practitioners.

How to start urban hiking?

Without costly logistics or distant travel, urban hiking is easy to integrate into your daily life, and remains accessible to as many people as possible. It can be considered as a real hike, with a plan, an objective (which can be a café, a picturesque view, or a place to visit), a return. But also as an alternative means of transport, between work and home for example.

Le magazines Well+ Good However, indicates rules to respect in this new type of hike, so as not to take unnecessary risks:

  • Plan your route in advance if it is an unfamiliar route, to avoid getting lost;
  • Stay vigilant. Walking in the city must be done safely. You should therefore avoid places with too much traffic, dangerous neighborhoods or inauspicious times such as nighttime, especially if you are alone;
  • Wear the right gear. If you don't need a hiking backpack, wear good shoes that allow you to walk long distances;
  • Keep water available. When doing physical activity, it is always a good idea to bring your bottle of water. Although the great thing about urban hiking is that you'll likely never be far from somewhere to rest and have a drink;
  • Tell someone about your plan if you are going alone. If necessary, consider sharing your location with her.
  • Listen to your body. To avoid getting disgusted, don't go for too long a hike the first time, but expand your discoveries little by little according to your abilities.

And if you lack inspiration on the places and nooks and crannies to discover, find out what is happening in your area: many cities today offer themed visits, or even combine cultural visits and short walks.

@servedbysara i impulsively thought of doing this the night before at 10pm, so i sort of just went with it and watched the day unfold without a plan. what you didn’t see: – me leaving the house 2 hours later than anticipated – me missing the ferry by 3 minutes and having to wait an hour for the next one – me panicking on the ferry when i checked the hours of the coffee shop and it said it closed in 15 minutes and i was in the middle of the sound… only to learn i was looking at the wrong location (thankfully) – me realizing that i only had an hour on bainbridge before i needed to ferry back to the city – me feeling a bit lonely throughout the day – me panicking again thinking i got on the wrong ferry back solo walking is an adventure! you really do learn a lot about yourself when you only have you to depend on for navigating cities and ferry schedules. i also want to say, it’s completely normal to feel bored or lonely when solo walking/traveling. sure, it’s fun to experience new things, but it’s important to note that not every moment is going to be overwhelmingly joyful and that’s okay! #walk #walking #outdoors #outside #seattle #seattlelife #washington #solotravel #pnw #pnwadventures #winter #exercise ♬ original sound – Speedy sounds