The “unapproachable makeup”: this makeup designed to intimidate men

The "unapproachable makeup": this makeup designed to intimidate men

The beauty trend of the moment: the “unapproachable makeup”. The principle ? Intimidate anyone who dares to meet your gaze so as not to be bothered. To achieve the look, netizens play with contrasts and elongate their gaze with eyeliner for dramatic effect. Perfect for the evenings, this makeup gives an air as mysterious as it is sophisticated.

As fall approaches, we’re saying goodbye to glamorous beauty looks in favor of darker, more sophisticated beauty looks. On TikTok, the latest makeup trend that has gone viral has a name: “unapproachable makeup”, literally translated into French as “inaccessible makeup”. And as its name suggests, this look was designed to allow women not to be bothered in the street. On the Chinese social network, the “inaccessible makeup”, already has nearly 40 million views.

A makeover that will make you “inaccessible”

In a nutshell, this makeover is all about looking so seductive that men won’t dare approach, and women can only swoop in with compliments. Oscillating between the chic succubus look with its drama effect eyeliner, and the glam look, this make-up is characterized by a smoky look and a worked complexion.

@lottiestarrs If u wanna be intimidating #darkhila ♬ LOOK AT ME – sanika • skywvker

“There’s nothing I love more than annoying men, and nothing pisses men off more than being so beautiful they’re too scared to come near you”, says the influencer megihebeja, in her video that has gone viral. She even claims in the caption of her video that this makeover is so effective that it can replace your pepper spray on the street. To reproduce this so-called “inaccessible” look, the young woman enhances her eyebrows with a gel, then applies a good amount of blush and highlighter to the cheeks and nose. As for the mouth, it opts for a shiny gloss in pink tones. And the final touch: a set of contrasts on the eyelids accompanied by neat and sharp eyeliner to lengthen the look. Most ? Trace the end of the eyeliner to the corner of the eye to get the famous “fox look”.

“unapproachable makeup”: the same concept for several recipes

But everyone has their version of “inaccessible makeup”. Others bet on a more smoky look by playing with pearl, black and gray. This is the case of lottiestarrs, who stretches his line of eyeliner as much as possible, and adds black pencil under the eyes for an even more dramatic look. Her lips are underlined with a cherry red pencil, in order to give a “glamorous” effect. In another video, a user by the name of whor3chata_ adds light gray to her eyelids, to make the makeup look more sophisticated. Others opt for a fairly shiny complexion or for thick false eyelashes to add more eccentricity to the “unreachable makeup”.

But the complexion remains the icing on the cake. In order to accentuate the effect of “fox eyes”, it is worth using the “face lifting” technique, which consists in giving a natural lifting effect. To do this, a user applies her contour to strategic points, and in particular at the level of the hairline, the hollow of the cheekbones, the bottom of the face and the nose, then the concealer following her tragus in order to enhance the look. The blush is not placed on the cheeks, but on the top of the cheekbones. A perfect technique to give more dimension to the face.