The unusual tip for soft and hydrated feet all winter long

The unusual tip for soft and hydrated feet all winter long

Who hasn’t left their little feet behind when autumn comes? Pampered throughout the summer, feet are often relegated to the background when sneakers and ankle boots replace sandals and other barefoot shoes. A method that is as simple as it is effective, and safe, allows you to deeply nourish them in no time to face winter, and it is already unanimously appreciated on TikTok.

It is not because they are hidden in thick socks topped with boots, sneakers, and other shoes that the feet should not benefit from adequate care in autumn and winter. On the contrary, they must be pampered so as not to have to bring out the heavy artillery at the dawn of the summer season. That’s good, the Chinese social network TikTok is full of all kinds of tips to keep dead skin, dryness and damaged heels at bay throughout their hibernation period. One of the most popular on the social platform is the work of Dr. Shereene Idriss, a dermatologist based in New York, who users also know as PillowtalkDerm. Simple and accessible, it only requires a nourishing cream and cling film to overcome dry feet bruised by temperature changes.

It was last May that the health professional shared this foolproof technique for having baby feet. A tip entirely dedicated to the summer period, but which should not be confined to it, to allow as many people as possible to pamper their little toes all year round. To achieve this, all you need is a moisturizing lotion, as nourishing as possible, and cling film. For the rest, nothing could be simpler: you have to spray said lotion on the film in question, then cover each foot with this homemade mask. If the specialist does not say how long to let this mixture macerate, we deduce that it depends on the dryness of the skin. The nine-second video has garnered more than 100,000 views since its release.

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This method is reminiscent of that of ‘skin sealing’, as the media Refinery29 renamed it, coming straight from the TikTok account of… Shereene Idriss. It was then a matter of getting rid of dark circles and bags with a simple moisturizing cream which then simply had to be “sealed” using – this is not something you make up – cling film. A simple method that the dermatologist says she favors over the multitude of products – patches, masks, serums, etc. – offered on the market.

The technique itself followed ‘lip basting’ intended to combat dry and chapped lips. This other method consisted this time of applying a chemical peel – based on glycolic acid or lactic acid – to exfoliate the lips without damaging them, then ‘watering’ them with cream to nourish them. The idea is to apply enough product so that it can be absorbed for around ten minutes. All signed by a certain dermatologist working in New York, Dr Shereene Idriss who, as we will have understood, sees moisturizing cream as the solution to many winter ills.