The “zero date”, this concept that could save you time to find love

The “zero date”, this concept that could save you time to find love

If you are tired of having a series of inconclusive romantic dates, a solution could help you: the “zero date”, or the zero date. It doesn’t really count as a date. It’s more of an informal meeting that serves to determine if the partner in front of you deserves an official date.

The “zero date” is the “zero date”, the one which precedes, if you choose, the first date. It does not count strictly speaking, it is rather a preliminary meeting which allows us to know if the famous spark is indeed present, if an alchemy exists. It is used to determine as early as possible whether the two people who have just met wish to go further in discovering each other. In summary, we avoid the forced discussion stage in order to decide if we want to know the person more fully.

We owe the concept to Christina Wallace, podcaster and entrepreneur. In a TED talk, this MBA graduate explains that she used her professional skills when she coined the term “zero date.” “The zero date is a drink, an hour with the objective of answering a question: would I like to go to dinner with this person?”, she explains.

But the idea of ​​a date before the date is, in reality, not that new. “Zero dates aren’t really a new thing, they’ve been happening across society in one form or another for a long time,” sexologist and relationship coach Ness Cooper tells Metro UK. The specialist takes the example of speed dating which works on the same principle. Except that with the zero meeting, this time the individual is alone in determining whether it is time to end the meeting.

It is scientifically proven that a few moments face-to-face are enough to know if the date is conclusive. According to a British study carried out by helpline Britannia Rescue last February, people would know on average within 25 minutes if there was a spark between them.

Alex Mellor-Brook, a dating expert interviewed by Glamor UK, agrees that zero dates can be a great way to “filter out people who are time-wasters, fake and make mistakes.” They would, at the same time, be a good way to “call out to someone and get them to communicate with you on a visual basis. People who practice ‘catfishing’ (creating a false identity online, editor’s note) ) can be eliminated immediately. Does the person look like their image? Do things match up with what they said about themselves on their profile? You can find out a little more about them and then decide if you really want to meet them?”

Zero dating ultimately adds to the list of tactics to make dating more effective. Earlier this year, “stack dating” emerged, another concept consisting of stringing together short dates between two activities.