There are 4 types of dark circles according to our dermatologist. Identify yours to treat them better!

There are 4 types of dark circles according to our dermatologist.  Identify yours to treat them better!

Colored, raised, recessed… The dark circles that appear under our eyes can have 4 different origins. Find out which one is right for you to find out how to better treat it with Dr Caroline Pouget, dermatologist and member of our TipsForWomens expert committee.

There is not one type of dark circles, but another! The announcement revealed by a New York dermatologist to his 1.7 million followers on TikTok is information that deserves to be known, to better treat your skin and this thin and delicate area.

Blue, brown, in hollow or in volume

Contacted on the subject Dr Caroline Pouget, dermatologist and member of our committee of experts, confirms these differences and distinguishes the different types of dark circles that can appear in each of us:

  • Slightly “purple blue” dark circles. They are linked to poor circulation with blood vessels too close to the skin or dilating. “As we age, the skin also becomes thinner, which allows us to see these blood vessels better.” ;
  • “Brown brown” dark circles : these are not linked to a state of health, but to a pigmentary origin, which is found in dark phototypes. “The melanin often appears more on areas of very thin skin such as the eye contour, from childhood” ;
  • Dark circles that are a little hollowunder the eye, which indicate a loss of volume, a manifestation also linked to age;
  • Dark circles that form what we call a pocket, which are rather of genetic origin and will cause coloring as well as volume. These dark circles will have a tendency to “swell” slightly from adolescence.

Lack of sleep, dehydration and genetics can also make dark circles more obvious.

What treatment for each type of dark circles?

While not serious, dark circles can however cause an aesthetic complex in people who only see this detail in the mirror. The advantage of knowing your type of dark circles is above all knowing how to take care of this delicate and fine area under the eye, or even to reduce them. Because depending on the origin or cause, the indication will not be the same.

So-called “hollow” dark circles will be easily filled with hyaluronic acid,”which can be injected approximately every two years to tighten the area a little and plump up the area. explains our expert. On TikTok, the dermatologist also suggests using a cream based on hyaluronic acid, peptides or squalane.

Dark circles linked to hyperpigmentation are more difficult to erase. Because they are linked to the color of the person’s skin. “You can always use a depigment cream prepared in a pharmacy to lighten the area a little, but I always warn my patients: the dark circle will return as soon as you stop, since it is linked to skin tone.” specifies our expert.

Blue circles will benefit from treatment targeting the circulation. “Faced with them, we will try to activate microcirculation, with careful mesotherapyor microneedling, to stimulate the area a little. Caffeine-based creams would also be worth trying“.

Finally the bags under the eyes cannot actually be treated with cream. “We can improve the appearance today with radiofrequency machines, but when the pockets are too present and have a pronounced excess fat, only a surgical solution can really erase these pockets.

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