These 10 foods that we think are healthy but are actually full of sugar

These 10 foods that we think are healthy but are actually full of sugar

We imagine them to be rather healthy or not necessarily full of sugar and yet: several foods that we all have in our cupboards are in reality real sugar bombs. Which ones should you avoid and what should you replace them with? Here are the tips from Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist.

When shopping, you may be buying foods that you think are healthy for you, when in reality, that is not the case. Here are the ones, with Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist.

The corn

Corn is wrongly considered a vegetable by many people” first explains Alexandra Murcier. “It is actually a starchy food which is also rich in sugars. This is why the gluten-free productswhich are based on corn are also very sweet“. As an alternative, the expert recommends other cereals, such as rice, quinoa or even buckwheat.

Tomato coulis

Tomato sauces that you buy in supermarkets are also high in sugar. “This is due to the addition of sugar to break the acidity of these sauces. notes the specialist. To avoid consuming too much sugar, she recommends reading labels or better, making your own tomato sauce. In the same way, she recommends limiting sauces such as ketchup, barbecue, etc.

Balsamic vinegar

It is also very little known to the general public but balsamic vinegar or balsamic velvet are very rich in sugars. confirms Alexandra Murcier. Instead, she recommends replacing them with wine or cider vinegar.

Prepared dishes

Not recommended in general, prepared meals can be useful when you sometimes don’t have time to cook yourself. “In addition additives and other preservatives that they may contain, prepared meals are also rich in sugars, so avoid them as much as possible” indicates the expert.

Oat milk

Oat milk is the vegetable milk the sweetest and few people know it, we unconsciously associate it with oatmeal, which is quite good for our health. notes the specialist. For her, if you like plant milks, it is better to choose soy milk or almond milk, which are less sweet.


For breakfast, some opt for a bowl of muesli, thinking they are opting for a healthy product. “You especially need to be careful with what accompanies cereals. Dried fruits such as raisins or dried apricots will weigh down the product in sugars, it is better to go with a muesli with walnuts or hazelnuts, oilseeds being a better alternative” she advises again.

Sliced ​​bread

For some people, sandwich bread also enjoys a rather healthy image. “However, it is a processed and sweet product, it is better to eat wholemeal bread instead” estimates the dietician.

Rice cakes

Like sandwich bread, rice cakes should be avoided from your diet. “They have a very high glycemic index, so they increase blood sugar levels very significantly once consumed” explains the expert. “You can replace them, if you are used to eating them as a snack, with a handful of oilseeds, which will have more benefits.

Sushi rice

According to Alexandra Murcier, it is also a trap food, because many people think sushi is healthy. “In reality, they contain very sweet rice, so to balance your plate it is better to also eat sashimi, richer in fish like tuna or salmon, but without overdoing it either because they are rich in heavy metals.

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Certain high-protein yogurts

Some high-protein yogurts are indeed rich in proteins, but also in sugars. “They also contain additives that are best avoided; instead, it is better to simply use Skyr or cottage cheese.” concludes our expert.

How much sugar is hidden in your food?

Slide: How much sugar is hidden in your food?