These 3 white ham references are the best rated on Yuka

These 3 white ham references are the best rated on Yuka

Whether nitrite-free, reduced in salt or even smoked, hams sold in supermarkets offer consumers a wide choice. Which of them is best for health? Discover the top 3 according to Yuka.

A practical food, especially for parents who want to enhance children’s dishes in no time, white ham does not require any preparation. However, this product, often processed, can be very bad for your health. So which ham should you buy? Here is what Yuka reveals to you!

What type of white ham to choose?

According to the magazine 60 million consumers which mentioned a study on sliced ​​hams in November 2023, we should favor those without sodium nitrites. The reason ? These additives could be carcinogenic and therefore very dangerous for health.

UFC-Que Choisir also gives its opinion and advises buying “superior ham”, which would be a guarantee of better quality. In fact, hams bearing this designation are made with many more restrictions than others. They therefore contain fewer additives and there are no traces of polyphosphates, gelling agents or even caramel (a coloring for ham).

Finally, it is recommended to turn to hams with a low salt content such as those with the designation, “– 25% of salt”.

However, you should keep in mind that it is a processed food that should be consumed in moderation. According to the recommendations of the government site Manger Bouger, the maximum should be “two to three installments per week.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

Top 3 best white hams, according to Yuka

Allied to many consumers, the Yuka application helps you choose quality products by deciphering their labels and giving them a score out of 100. It’s a quick and easy way to see if a product is good or not for your health. To save you a long time scanning the entire store, we share with you the highest rated white hams on Yuka.

  • 1st: Organic ham and manager at Fleury Michon. He obtains a score of 76/100.

  • 2nd: Superior ham without nitrite salt from Biocoop. He obtains a score of 73/100.

  • 3rd: Superior ham, 25% Salt, No nitrites from Fleury Michon. He obtains a score of 72/100.

As well as its equivalent to “oak smoked pork” which obtains the same grade and therefore the same position in the ranking.