These 5 beauty products obtained the highest marks at the Victoires de la Beauté

These 5 beauty products obtained the highest marks at the Victoires de la Beauté

Each year, the Victoires de la Beauté reward cosmetic products from major brands, but also from small SMEs and young brands. Discover the top 5 Responsible Consumption Awards.

The Victoires de la Beauté 2024 is 569 unique Citizen Testers and no less than 92,883 days of sensory testing necessary to establish a ranking of the best products. TipsForWomens reveals the TOP 5 products having obtained the best scores (multi-criteria).

An objective quality examination®

This year, a blind testing campaign was orchestrated under the control of the sensory analysis laboratories: Aqualeha, Actalia Sensoriel and UDV Analyzes Sensorielles. Three laboratories with 60 years of experience and COFRAC accredited.

Let us also remember that from now on, thanks to the various technical resources mobilized, the overall rating of the product systematically takes into account beyond the perceived effectiveness and cosmetic qualities:

  • Analysis of the formula and ingredients, scrutinized by INCI Beauty experts. (zero ingredients classified as red in the list);
  • Sustainability Commitments based on the United Nations SDGs;
  • Thanks to CITEO experts, the Recyclability of packaging (for the Responsible, Organic & Virtuous versions).

The success of the Quality Exam® is based on an overall satisfaction rating awarded by consumers at the end of the testing period which varies depending on the product, for example two weeks for a shampoo.

Top 5 best products

Here is the “super podium” of the Victoires de la Beauté vintage 2024:

  • KRÈME Smoothing Collagen Cream : “The texture is pleasant. The skin is soft and luminous after several weeks of use” (Laurine, 38 years old), we can read on the Victoires de la Beauté website. The smoothing Collagen Cream combines the balancing power of probiotic ferments with the anti-aging force of 3% Pro-Collagen to reactivate the strength of natural youthfulness of the skin.
  • RESPIRE Facial Cleansing Treatment : “Pleasant smell, very moisturizing creamy appearance and you don’t feel the need to apply a moisturizer after use” (Catherine, 52 years old – Solid facial cleanser). Thanks to its gentle cleansing base with neutral PH, this solid soap cleans and purifies the skin, even sensitive!
  • MAROOT’IN Make-up Remover Cleanser : “The format is very practical, stick format and small which does not take up space. The smell is to die for, it’s really good. Removes makeup very well without leaving a greasy film or dry skin after using it. Big favorite with this product!” explains Julia, 31-year-old tester for Victoires de la Beauté. The 2 in 1 formula of the make-up remover cleanser helps restore radiance to your skin while regulating excess sebum and protecting the epidermis from external aggressions.
  • PITAYA Cleansing Balm : consumers are won over”A soft, melting texture with a delicious, slightly exotic smell that makes you think of vacations. The emulsion is made quickly, it cleans the skin well. A small amount of product is enough for the face so a pot lasts a long time in use” (Marie, 31 years old). This balm helps cleanse your epidermis and gently eliminate dead cells; it is also suitable for all skin types.
  • The SILHOUETTE BY S Perfect Complexion Routine : “For the soap, I love its almond scent. It leaves skin feeling clean. The serum, its texture, is immediately absorbed by the skin and leaves no greasy or sticky film. The cream has a pleasant creamy texture and it hydrates well! I love its red fruit scent! With the trio, my skin is more plump, giving it a youthful look that you absolutely must adopt!” according to the opinion of tester Béatrice, 53 years old. The perfect complexion routine promises to boost the radiance of the skin (as a bonus it gives a healthy glow) and to correct imperfections, notably by evening out the complexion. Good news, women speakers can also use it.