These 6 signs someone is taking advantage of you

These 6 signs someone is taking advantage of you

A relationship, whether friendly, romantic or professional, must be based on understanding and mutual appreciation. If you have the impression that the person opposite is taking advantage of you, there are signs that are unmistakable. Here are the ones.

Some people take advantage of the time, kindness, and generosity of others. If you have the impression that you are confronted with this type of person in your circle, here are some unmistakable signs.

She often asks you for things, without giving anything in return

In a relationship, we are not supposed to keep accounts of what each person does for the other. On the other hand, if you don’t remember when the last time this person came to your aid, that’s a first sign. Likewise, if the other person constantly asks you to do them a favor, without really appreciating what you do for them, be careful not to let yourself be taken advantage of.

She only contacts you when necessary

Likewise, you only hear from this person when they need you. So much so that you know, when you receive a call or a message, that it will be to do them a favor.

She does not respect your limits and your needs

A person who takes advantage of you will not respect your boundaries. They won’t take “no” for an answer and try to make you feel guilty for not doing something for them. This is a clear sign that she doesn’t care about your needs.

It’s all about her

A person who takes advantage of you doesn’t make the effort to know you. Even though you know her well. This is a sign of an unbalanced relationship. In the same idea, these are people who don’t really listen to you when you need them.

She doesn’t keep her promises

When someone takes advantage of you, they don’t keep their promises. Sometimes it is possible that circumstances do not allow a person to do what he promised to do, but this type of “coincidence” repeats itself, when the person is not sincere with you.

Good in his body, good in his head!

She constantly reminds you that she is superior to you

In a professional relationship, a person who takes advantage of you will constantly remind you of their superiority. Worse, she will sometimes talk to you about the way she manipulates other people.

If you think someone is taking advantage of you, listen to yourself. Is your instinct telling you that this relationship is not healthy? Better to take a step back and move away, or even cut ties with her permanently.