These three behaviors are the key to a lasting relationship

These three behaviors are the key to a lasting relationship

When you find your other half, the goal is (generally) to make your relationship last. What behaviors should be adopted to make this work? Here are three, accompanied by insights from Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

Staying in a relationship with the same person has become a difficult undertaking these days. The constantly increasing number of separations and divorces proves this.

How to go about making your relationship last? There are three ways to achieve this, here are what they are. Because “eternal love, with one’s soulmate, is the goal of many people” recalls Siyana Mincheva.

To love yourself

The first key to making your relationship last is to love yourself. This may seem surprising, but according to Siyana Mincheva, this is explained because “If we don’t love ourselves, we’re unlikely to let another person love us.”

The psychologist assures her: “u“No one who lacks self-confidence or who rejects their appearance will have difficulty opening up, both in intimacy and in deeper exchanges, as a couple.”. An imbalance that causes difficulties and breaks trust between the two parties. On the contrary, underlines the expert, “when you are good with yourself, it indicates that you are good in your relationship“.

Being compatible with your partner

Compatibility is the second important factor: “We need to find a compatibility and a couple’s energy, an ambition, a positivity, this is one of the keys to balance” added Siyana Mincheva. “When the couple lacks complicity and mutual understanding, they have a series of arguments and the two parties do not get along, despite the love they have for each other” according to the specialist, who also warns that an incompatibility can manifest itself later, over time and not necessarily in the first months of the relationship.

Be truly yourself

Finally, the third element for a relationship to last is to be yourself, according to Siyana Mincheva. “PFor a relationship to last, you have to be yourself. Not being in appearance, but in trust and kindness towards oneself: this authenticity allows the couple to remain in the long term.” believes the psychologist. “This allows you to invest in the relationship, to give love, since you love your partner, without expecting anything in return.” she concludes.