These vitamins are missing when your hair falls out. Get blood tests done

These vitamins are missing when your hair falls out.  Get blood tests done

When hair starts falling out in the fall, we easily put it off at the end of the year and wait for it to improve. Unfortunately, the condition of our hair depends largely on what we eat. Lack of vitamins, minerals and stress contribute to hair weakening. It is good practice to perform blood tests to assess the condition of the body.

These vitamins are missing when your hair falls out.  Get blood tests done

Beautiful, shiny and long hair is every woman’s dream. Unfortunately, the multitude of responsibilities and lack of time make it easy to miss the signals that the body sends. Hair loss may be a sign of diseases, but also deficiencies. That’s why we indicate what tests are worth doing to find out what we need to regain a beautiful appearance.

What about hair loss? First look for the cause

When hair begins to fall out, we often look for good quality cosmetics, herbs or lotions. Although it is definitely worth taking care of them from the outside, it is undoubtedly also important what vitamins we absorb every day. Deficiency can quickly affect the condition of your hair.

Therefore, first check your vitamin D level. It influences the regulation of hormones, including the level of prolactin. When it is lacking, not only our immunity weakens, but also our hair. Therefore, especially in the autumn and winter, it is worth performing blood tests to assess the level of vitamin D.

Doctors’ observations show that due to our climate zone, most Poles are deficient in this element. Therefore, if the results show deviations from the norm, there is no need to panic. The most important thing is to consult a clinical dietitian and discuss an action plan. It may turn out that a change in diet plus specific supplementation is enough.

Not only vitamin D. Ask the laboratory for this test

In addition to vitamin D, B vitamins play an extremely important role in healthy hair. Their deficiency causes the scalp to struggle with excess sebum. Then the hair quickly becomes greasy, dandruff appears, the bulbs weaken and the hair begins to fall out.

Therefore, it is worth checking the level of vitamin B6 and B12 during blood tests. That’s not all, the problem of hair loss may be closely related to the condition of the microbiome. An improper diet, low in fiber, fish or nuts, and full of various forms of sugar and unhealthy fat, weakens our intestines.

Therefore, it is also recommended to test the ferritin level. After receiving the results, you must not introduce supplementation on your own. The best and safe solution is to consult the above-mentioned clinical dietitian.

This type of specialist assesses the body’s needs based on research and adjusts the appropriate type of nutrition, taking into account all types of diseases, food intolerances and allergies.