This bad reflex to banish during your breakfast

This bad reflex to banish during your breakfast

Do you have the habit of having a coffee in the morning when you wake up? This morning dose of caffeine, contrary to what one might believe, is not necessarily a good idea. Update with Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist.

Is your first instinct in the morning to drink black coffee? This idea, which you think is good because of the “boost” that caffeine could give you, is actually not that good.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach, a bad habit to give up

In fact, many people drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach, as breakfast. A bad habit that unbalances many functions of our body, according to Lindsey Schmidt, doctor of chiropractic on Instagram who explains: “When you finally realize that skipping breakfast and drinking coffee on an empty stomach has unbalanced your cortisol levels and your nervous system and more… Which has affected your microbiota, and increased your bloating, your PMS, your anxiety and, strangely, your weight gain”.

Coffee and cortisol go bad together

When interviewed, Alexandra Murcier, dietitian nutritionist, confirms the negative effects of coffee in the morning on our body. “Coffee increases the level of cortisol on an empty stomach, which is a hyperglycemic hormone, that is to say it increases our blood sugar level. This affects our weight gain and chronic stress, because caffeine also increases stress when consumed in too large quantities. Too much caffeine also makes it difficult to fall asleep and generally makes us tired in the long term“.

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What to replace coffee with in the morning?

In addition, coffee is also aggressive for our stomach on an empty stomach, especially in cases of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or gastric acidity problems. What can you replace your morning coffee with on an empty stomach? The expert recommends having your coffee later, in the morning or after breakfast. And for those who would like to give up drinking, they can turn to decaffeinated drinks (choose without solvents) or tea, which will not have these deleterious effects.

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