This behavior indicates that your child could develop great intellectual abilities

This behavior indicates that your child could develop great intellectual abilities

When you are a parent, you want the best for your child and this includes wanting them to flourish intellectually. On this subject, a study highlights a behavior that could further stimulate their intellectual abilities. We’ll explain!

What if being a passionate child was actually a step towards better intellectual abilities? American researchers have carried out their research and are providing you with their results. Here they are !

Children can develop a passion from a young age

To carry out their experiment, researchers from the Universities of Wisconsin and Indiana observed 215 four-year-old children and noted their main interests over a period of two years.

What did they notice? At only four years old, the children in question were already able to take a deep interest in leisure activities over a long period of time (more than a month). Research has also shown that these passions can begin to be developed in the first year of a child’s life.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Children who are creative and able to adapt

Getting excited about activities from a young age would have many benefits. First of all, it would allow the child to become interested in certain subjects in depth and to develop more advanced attention and thinking skills than average. These benefits are key points in the intellectual development of an individual.

By working on the process of inquiring and learning more about a subject, the child is able to master new information and can therefore easily adapt. So, when he encounters difficulties, he will tend to look for solutions and alternatives to resolve the problem.

The results of this study therefore suggest that it is important to help your child open up to the world by encouraging them to discover new activities.