This body milk is best for hydrating dry skin in winter

This body milk is best for hydrating dry skin in winter

Winter is approaching and the cold is making itself felt. Faced with external aggressions, your skin needs to be well hydrated more than ever! Discover the best body milk for winter according to Yuka.

In winter, it is essential not to neglect your hydration because your skin is more exposed to the cold. This directly attacks your skin, which can then show redness, tightness or dryness. The solution ? Invest in a good moisturizer! For this, Yuka has selected the best body milk, guaranteeing deep hydration.

What is this famous body milk chosen by Yuka?

“Make the right choices for your health”, this is the motto of the Yuka brand. This application deciphers the labels of your food and cosmetic products in order to analyze their impact on your health. The brand then seems to have found the best moisturizing cream for this winter.

According to Yuka, Avène’s Xéracalm body lotion would be the perfect product to take care of your dry skin. The brand establishes the score of this cream at 100/100 thanks to its composition which does not contain any dangerous ingredients such as perfumes, allergens, endocrine disruptors or chemical active ingredients. Its neutral constitution is ideal for the most sensitive skin.

This product can be found in several distributors at around €16.90 for 200mL.

What are the benefits of Avène’s Xéracalm moisturizing milk against dry skin in winter?

First of all, Avène’s Xéracalm body milk is formulated by experts with the aim of relieving skin problems, especially those of sensitive skin. It is also recommended by dermatologists.

Its benefits are numerous: it nourishes and hydrates for 48 hours thanks to its anti-drying action. It is suitable for particularly sensitive skin, especially those prone to tightness, itching or eczema. The Xéracalm product also strengthens the skin barrier. In terms of application, the body milk is good, fluid and pleasant to apply while offering rapid absorption.

If you are looking for optimal hydration for winter, this is the ideal product to healthily hydrate the skin of your entire family!