This butternut squash needs to be brought back to the store

This butternut squash needs to be brought back to the store

Organic butternut squash sold throughout Europe are currently recalled. The possible presence of phytosanitary residues banned in Europe for years would be in question.

In the middle of the squash and pumpkin season which are part of our delicious dishes, an organic butternut squash is currently recalled throughout Europe according to the Rappel Conso website.

Despite its organic labeling, it could potentially carry a phytosanitary residue banned in Europe, chlordane.

What is the product concerned?

This is a BIO VILLAGE brand butternut squash sold individually in all E.LECLERC stores in Europe.

This was proposed between October 18 and 21.

Important clarification: only products bearing the packager code EMB 29259L with batches COP J 18; COP J 19 or COP J 20 are affected by this recall.

What’s wrong with this butternut squash?

The document mentions the risk of the presence of phytosanitary residues called Chlordane in marketed squash, without giving further details.

Chlordane is a pesticide banned since October 1992 in Europe. Despite this, it is very persistent, bioaccumulated by organisms and toxic. Old pollution from the ground is therefore still possible.

What to do if you bought this squash?

The Rappel Conso website advises not to consume the product, but to return the squash to the point of sale for a refund. A procedure which will end on November 11.

More information on 0 800 865 286.