This doctor gives his secret tip for a cough that won’t go away

This doctor gives his secret tip for a cough that won't go away

Coughing during the winter is nothing very unusual, but can become particularly irritating in the long term. Does your cough tend to persist? An American doctor offers a fairly healthy solution to test.

Two or three weeks that your cough has been dragging on? If you have suffered from a cold or a winter virus, this is not very surprising. It is even a natural defense reflex to expel irritating agents from your respiratory tract. But it remains an irritating reflex, which can be very difficult to live with, especially at night. This is why the advice of an American doctor, Dr. Darien Sutton, on ABC News to put an end to coughing is particularly timely.

A prolonged cough is normal

First of all, it is good to remember that a cough that persists after a cold, flu or a virus is a normal phenomenon for our body. As Dr. Sutton mentions: “We have small pockets of air in our lungs. They help exchange oxygen with our blood so we can get the air we need, but with seasonal colds, you have a buildup of mucus that irritates your cough receptors.” Even if your cold is over, it may take a little longer for your respiratory tract to recover. On average, a cough can last three weeks after a virus, sometimes a little longer.

But beyond eight weeks, the cough is described as “chronic”. In this case, it is necessary to consult your doctor for a thorough examination and to target the problem in question.

Getting rid of a cough: the doctor’s instructions

To get rid of this annoying cough, the emergency doctor has a simple tip to try if you are concerned:

You can add 1 to 2 drops of essential oilEucalyptusin a cup of hot water. Eucalyptus is a good anti-inflammatory that smells fantastic and helps clear your airways“, he specifies. Adding that you can also slip in a spoonful of liquid honey to soften the cough. A drink to try 3 times a day for 3 days according to his recommendations to finally get rid of the cough. Please note, this remedy is not suitable for young children..

When should we still consult?

If this solution to soothe your respiratory tract is a real plus, natural, to be tested, it cannot avoid a further trip to the doctor if nothing works. If your cough does not improve after three weeks, Dr. Sutton recommends consulting your doctor to find a specific treatment, perhaps a little more aggressive than essential oils and adapted to your needs.