How to make a “healthy” soup?

How to make a “healthy” soup?

Soup is a dish known for its healthy side. But if you make it at home, be careful what you put in it, certain foods can quickly make it heavy. How to cook a healthy soup, from a calorie point of view? Here are our tips.

In winter, with the cold, we tend to prepare more soups and other soups, which are easy to make and nutritionally healthy. But be careful what you put in it. Here are the tips to follow to obtain a “healthy” soup.

Favor vegetables and not potatoes

When preparing a soup, you may be tempted to add potatoes, for binder. But be careful not to add too much, or even avoid this starchy ingredient, which risks making the soup heavier. To tie your preparation together, it is possible to opt instead for legumes, such as chickpeas or lentils, which will play the same role. When it comes to vegetables, choose seasonal ones, organic if possible. And vary the preparations: soup is a good opportunity to eat it and to have the children eat it too!

Be careful not to oversalt your soup.

To keep a soup healthy, you have to be careful not to salt it too much. It will already be so naturally thanks to the minerals present in the vegetables, and if it remains bland, despite the salt, you can enhance it with herbs and spices which will give it flavor. Avoid the preparation cubes, which are too salty.

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Have a light hand on the butter and cream

Finally, once your soup is ready, you can add a splash of butter or a little crème fraîche to enhance the flavors tenfold. For a lighter version, replace the butter with a little olive oil and the crème fraîche with the milk. But in all cases, keep your hands light on these products, sources of fat and additional calories.

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