This family of foods to ban at breakfast according to our expert, Dr Arnaud Cocaul

This family of foods to ban at breakfast according to our expert, Dr Arnaud Cocaul

For breakfast or snack: cereals are often appreciated by the French. But be careful to choose them carefully! Nutritionist doctor Arnaud Cocaul explains the procedure to follow.

Cereals with chocolate, honey or almonds… On the shelves, packets of cereals are numerous and varied. It is therefore difficult to make an informed choice. Some also favor the appearance “extremely serious potential illnesses”alerts Dr. Cocaul.

Cereals loaded with sugar and salt

The morning bowl of cereal is not without health risks, explains Dr. Cocaul.

“You’re going to assimilate a much greater amount of sugar and a much greater amount of salt than you think,” he explains to Yahoo.

However, excess sugar and salt are the cause of many diseases: hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Ultra-processed and puffed cereals are also very harmful to toddlers.

Giving cereal to children for breakfast is a very bad habit. Not only does it not teach them to structure their meals, but they are also extremely fatty. The worst are the soufflés, which are enriched with sugar on the surface. They considerably increase the glycemic index“, tells us Dr Arnaud Cocaul.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

Which cereals to favor in this case?

Cereals that are healthier for your health must obviously be recommended.

These are those “not blown and as little processed as possible. Finally, these are adult cereals – muesli, cornflakes, oatmeal – plain and without sugar. “Gadget” cereals, we must get rid of them, or even ban on-screen advertisements.”

Indeed, the packaging marketing – very colorful, very attractive – decorated with childish figures, is designed to appeal to children. But their content is absolutely not good for their health. Dr Arnaud Cocaul would, in fact, like drastic measures to be taken by manufacturers.

This packaging, which creates a purchasing reflex, should be controlled. You shouldn’t find your child’s favorite hero on the package“, concludes the doctor.

Breakfast cereals put to the test

Slide: Breakfast cereals put to the test

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