This foolproof tip (and approved by Eva Longoria) to camouflage dark circles

This foolproof tip (and approved by Eva Longoria) to camouflage dark circles

A big problem for many women, dark circles can be difficult to hide properly. Fortunately, Eva Longoria’s makeup artist shares her tip for a radiant look and perfectly camouflaged dark circles!

Possibly linked to fatigue, poor blood circulation or stress, dark circles are among the most recurring cosmetic concerns. Women then use their beauty products to camouflage them and concealer becomes their best ally. However, sometimes it is difficult to hide them properly. This is why Val Garland, makeup artist for actress Eva Longoria, revealed in an interview for Femme Actuelle her tip for effectively covering the underside of the eye. Here is the summary of his advice!

Prepare your skin well

The secret to impeccable under-eyes? You have to prepare your skin well. Indeed, according to Val Garland, before starting to make up your complexion or your eyes, it is necessary to apply a suitable base to the dark circles. This will hydrate and smooth the skin, minimize pores and set makeup for long wear.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the underside of the eye is a thin, sensitive area which is easily marked by folds and wrinkles. The problem ? If you apply concealer to unprepared skin, it risks getting into those famous folds under the eyes and further marking your dark circles. Everything we don’t want!

Do not put it too close to the eye and set your makeup

To apply your concealer, make sure to choose the right shade by analyzing the undertones of your skin. Regarding the form of the product, you can opt for a liquid or cream product. It’s all a question of preference!

Another important step: When applying concealer, be careful not to put it too close to the eye. For optimal results, blend the material well and set your makeup with powder. That’s it !