This “grandma’s sport” allows you to burn 400 calories per hour (perfect for losing weight)!

This “grandma’s sport” allows you to burn 400 calories per hour (perfect for losing weight)!

Want to lose weight while building muscle? Here is a complete and effective sport that you can practice easily and at any age… So, ready to try it?

Appearing in the 1970s in Scandinavia, Nordic walking was only popularized in the 2000s. Although the activity in question is often perceived as a leisure activity for older people, it was originally a type of training suitable for cross-country skiers in summer. Now, many people are opting for this complete and accessible exercise. Here is why Nordic walking is an excellent way to build muscle and lose weight!

An activity that stimulates almost all muscles

Contrary to what one might assume, Nordic walking mobilizes around 90% of the muscles in your body… and what’s more, it works them deeply! At the upper body level, the activity targets the pectorals, abdominals and arm muscles. Other muscles targeted include the thighs and calves.

Effective for weight loss

The main movement of this sport is based on the accentuation of the “natural swing of the arms”, notably through the use of sticks. They also propel the body forward, which makes Nordic walking faster than traditional walking.

On the other hand, it allows you to burn between 300 and 400 calories per hour, compared to 100 to 300 calories for normal walking. The choice is quickly made if your main objective is to lose weight!

Another benefit, the weight of the body being correctly distributed between the four limbs during exercise, balance is maintained. This is a real advantage for overweight people. Nordic walking also increases endurance, improves motor coordination and breathing capacity. In summary, only positive things for your health!

A practical sport accessible to all ages

Two other advantages: Nordic walking is accessible regardless of your age and requires little equipment. All you need is a pair of shoes suitable for the terrain you are walking on, as well as walking poles.

Faced with the popularity of this practice, many clubs, attached to the French athletics federation, offer this activity in Europe. To motivate yourself, it is also possible to practice Nordic walking in a group.