This hair trend is everywhere on the red carpet in Cannes, here's how to adopt it

This hair trend is everywhere on the red carpet in Cannes, here's how to adopt it

Do you know the wet hair trend? This year, at Cannes, many stars fell for this “wet effect”. Decryption.

The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing. On this occasion, the stars compete in ingenuity to stand out on the famous red carpet… And their hairstyles, in fact, do not lack audacity. Juliette Binoche, Camille Chamoux, Greta Gerwig and even Taylor Hill have in fact bet on the wet hair. In other words: slightly crumpled wet look hair, in a beach-chic and effortless style.

What is “wet hair”?

No offense to purists, the wet hair is a worked hairstyle. Certainly, it gives the impression of coming straight from the beach (or from the shower) but it requires hairdressers to have perfect mastery of gel and wax. Because here you have to know how to give a shiny finish to the hair without falling into the “helmet” effect of the gel (or greasy).

When it is successful, “wet hair” can conversely be bold and elegant: the hair is as if “wet”, then styled towards the back or on the sides to create a smooth and shiny effect.

A trend, spotted on the steps of the Cannes festival this year, but which is not new: we often see it on fashion catwalks and in magazines. And for good reason: she knows how to be appreciated, for her elegant and sophisticated look.

Good to know : wet hair can be adapted to different hair types (curly, straight, etc.) and lengths.

How to reproduce this hairstyle?

According to Fabien Giambonna, studio hairdresser and make-up artist interviewed by Marie-Claire, certain good reflexes must be adopted.

We use a wet effect gel with a flexible and malleable texture while working with the material. It should not dry too quickly. You can work on each strand and create a 'rough' effect with strands that go a little in all directions, but which are controlled. To avoid a 'greasy' appearance, apply a small amount of gel to slightly damp hair, which will allow it to be distributed everywhere without overloading it. On dry hair, it is better to apply it with a coloring brush or comb to even out everything, but it is a more 'professional' gesture, which must be mastered“, he confides.

To recreate this wet hair trend at home, the process is quite simple. Simply follow these 4 key steps, using the right hair products:

  • Start by washing your hair, then apply a suitable styling spray. You can use a gel for a structured effect or a mousse for a lighter result;
  • Then, distribute the product evenly throughout your hair, using your hands. You can style your hair backwards or to the side, depending on the style you want;
  • Straighten your locks then use a setting spray to maintain your wet hair;
  • A few drops of hair oil or serum can also be used, at the very end, to add even more shine to the hair.