This is how you can get rid of lion wrinkles without expensive treatments. Try “massage X”

This is how you can get rid of lion wrinkles without expensive treatments.  Try “massage X”

The lion's wrinkle is the nightmare of many women. Creams, Botox and other expensive cosmetic treatments can help alleviate the appearance of the furrow between the eyebrows. What if there are ways to deal with lion's wrinkles that don't involve spending money?

This is how you can get rid of lion wrinkles without expensive treatments.  Try “Method X”

Over the years, our body changes. Metabolism slows down, we gain weight and wrinkles appear. The latter – especially for women – are difficult to accept. One of them is the lion's wrinkle, which makes us look older. Fortunately, there is a simple solution.

What is a lion's frown?

The lion's wrinkle appears between the eyebrows and is the result of frequent contraction of the frontal and eyebrow muscles, which gradually stretches the skin in these areas.

These wrinkles are often related to facial expressions and usually appear with age. They may also occur in younger people as a result of excessive muscle tension or expressive use of facial expressions.

Lion's wrinkles may be considered a normal symptom of the aging process, but many people choose to use various cosmetic methods, such as Botox or anti-wrinkle creams, to reduce their appearance or delay their appearance.

It turns out that there are natural ways to reduce the visibility of lion's wrinkles.

Ways to deal with lion's wrinkle

The lion's frown occurs when we frown. More and more often, women decide to eliminate the furrow between the eyebrows using aesthetic medicine treatments. One of them is Botox, a treatment using botulinum toxin, which is quite expensive.

Prevention is better than “cure”, so if you want to avoid the appearance of wrinkles or delay their occurrence, it is worth using anti-wrinkle cosmetics. Creams with a filter are perfect for this purpose. Conscientious hydration of the body can also help in the “prevention” of lion's wrinkle. Your whole body will thank you for this method.

Exercises for lion's wrinkle

If wrinkles do appear, it is worth knowing that there are simple exercises that will help smooth them out.

They were shown on the @foxbeautyteam channel on TikTok. The video explains in detail what three exercises can help you get rid of lion wrinkles. The recording gained enormous popularity.

  • Rubbing the skin between the eyebrows with your index fingers with vigorous movements.
  • Massage the skin between the eyebrows sideways using your index fingers.
  • “X” massage using index fingers.
  • Each exercise is worth repeating 10-15 times.