This leave-in conditioner was voted Product of the Year 2024

This leave-in conditioner was voted Product of the Year 2024

The conditioner helps detangle the hair and provide care to the hair, but did you know its leave-in version? Here is the reference to buy for shiny hair.

The primary functions of the conditioner are to detangle, moisturize and seal the hair scales. While many women use the rinse-out version in the shower, two leave-in conditioners won the 2024 Product of the Year award.

Batiste dry conditioners voted “Product of the Year 2024”

To receive this distinction, products must pass numerous tests, particularly those of consumers. In all, more than 120 families voted for this product, after having passed another study carried out with 500 consumers. Batiste dry conditioners were therefore voted “Product of the Year 2024”. The styling product brand has innovated with a leave-in mousse formula that provides shiny, silky and delicately scented hair. These products also allow you to soften and detangle the lengths in 2 minutes flat! To try it is to adopt it.

How to use Batiste leave-in conditioner?

It only takes three steps to use this leave-in conditioner:

1/ Shake the product;

2/ Squeeze a small amount into your hand and rub between your palms;

3/ Apply to the lengths.

This product exists in two versions. The slightly lemony “classic” and the delicately scented “gloss” version. Its non-greasy mousse formula has been designed to be applied to dry hair. Thus, it penetrates easily and quickly and transforms the hair right down to the ends, leaving a feeling of softness and shine. An already iconic product, especially on social networks.

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