This Monday, January 15 promises to be the most dangerous day for your relationship!

This Monday, January 15 promises to be the most dangerous day for your relationship!

According to figures collected by the Gleeden site, the leader in extramarital encounters, the upcoming Monday represents a danger for established couples: it is often the Monday following the start of the Christmas holidays that infidelity peaks. Watch out for your other half!

There are days more conducive to deception than others. And it’s a site dedicated to extramarital encounters, an expert on the subject, which tells us. A peak in infidelity could therefore be feared within a few days, in the midst of new resolutions made to be a better person.

January 15, 2024, the day when the desire to look elsewhere is felt

If the new year is often synonymous with a new beginning (more sport, less excess, etc.), it also leaves room for a desire for something new within the couple. A desire which becomes more concrete, in general, on the Monday following the start of the Christmas holidays and which this year falls on Monday January 15.

This date is not a coincidence, but reflects a cycle that recurs every year: since the launch of the site in 2009, this Monday in particular represents the day when registrations for the dating site are the most numerous: as an example , the site recorded an increase in registrations of + 490% on Monday January 10, 2022 and + 410% on Monday January 9, 2023. In this logic, Monday January 15 should not deviate from the rule.

A reaction to stuffy family celebrations?

But why does this desire to cheat on your partner appear like this, between the decision to resume sport, and the king cake? For Solène Paillet, communications director at Gleeden, there are several reasons behind this.

“The beginning of the year is often a time of questioning and desire for change. Infidelity can be a way to energize the daily routine and satisfy personal aspirations that are too often relegated to the background” she explains.

Another underlying reason can also amplify this desire:

“Lhe family holiday celebrations can be overwhelming and demanding for couples. This period, sometimes accompanied by seasonal depression, can intensify existing tensions within marital relationships. continues Solène Paillet in a press release.

Women in particular, crushed by the mental load, would more aspire to find a space for their own pleasure once freed from the holidays.

Given the complicated period experienced in 2023, the gloomy atmosphere and declining purchasing power, the site is also forecasting an even stronger increase this year. You have been warned! If you want to please your partner (and save your relationship!) don’t wait until next week!