This mother found THE right trick to get her children to school on time

This mother found THE right trick to get her children to school on time

Every parent knows the morning rush to get to school on time. Breakfast, brushing their teeth, getting dressed… Children can quickly become overwhelmed, especially when they have no sense of time. On Instagram, a mother shared her tip so that the children are no longer late.

In the morning, every minute counts to prevent children from being late for school. Getting up, getting dressed, eating breakfast and brushing your teeth… Timed actions that can cause parental stress from the start of the day. If social networks sometimes present questionable challenges, they are also an opportunity for mothers to share good advice and other tips for top organization. Discover this mother’s solution so that her children are no longer late for school and more easily acquire the notion of time.

The colorful clock trick

Realizing that her 5-year-old son did not necessarily understand sentences like “You have 2 minutes left to brush your teeth”, or “in 5 minutes we are leaving for school”, a mother revealed a tip so that her little boy understands the concept of time more easily. For this, we equipped ourselves with a clock with a white dial. She then colored parts in different colors corresponding to the tasks her son must complete before leaving for school. Thus, we can see on his video 5 minutes allocated for getting up (colored in red), then 15 minutes for breakfast (colored in green), 5 minutes for brushing your teeth and styling your hair (colored in yellow), 10 minutes to get dressed (colored blue) and finally 5 minutes to get to school (colored orange). So the little boy knows if he is late and what he must do in the morning to avoid being late.

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An easy-to-adopt morning routine

Modeled on the principle of routines, this tip allows parents to teach children to better understand the concept of time. In addition, it makes the child more responsible while making him more independent. Routines are often very popular with young children. They allow them to feel safe and develop their autonomy. Over time, the child learns to organize himself and better understand everyday life. Obviously, the idea is not to constrain the child but to include him in the establishment of routines. For example, you can ask him to choose the colors of the dial and let him color the clock.

Finally, another tip: prepare your things as much as possible the night before to make your life easier and avoid the morning rush!