This nail polish is No. 1 in pharmacies and obtains an A rating from UFC Que Choisir

This nail polish is No. 1 in pharmacies and obtains an A rating from UFC Que Choisir

You can be stylish and still choose beauty products that are still good for your health. The proof with a varnish sold in pharmacies which is unanimously appreciated.

Varnish, a not-so-harmless artifice for health

Did you know ? Nail polish is a beauty essential for French women. A bottle would be sold every two seconds in our country. But the manicure trend today is coupled with a certain sense of responsibility. Therefore, many women are looking for a product that avoids controversial ingredients, such as toluene (suspected of being an endocrine disruptor) and formaldehyde (banned in the European Union). They do well: not only are the nails permeable but also, certain varnishes can be irritating to the respiratory system.

This varnish sold in pharmacies is flawless

Fortunately, so-called “Free” formulas are multiplying on our shelves today. More respectful for health and the environment, they exclude 6 to 10 harmful substances from their composition. The 10 Free formulas in particular are recognized as being free of toluene, phthalates, synthetic camphor, benzene, formaldehyde, rosin, xylene, styrene, and benzophenones 1 and 3.

And it is indeed a 10 Free which is currently winning all the votes, and has risen to number 1 in pharmacy sales: the EVEN varnish in Nude shade. A sober, pink and opaque varnish that can be worn every day.

A formula that is also suitable for pregnant women, or those undergoing treatment

Even better, the formula of MÊME nail polish is made with 83.5% bio-based ingredients. Its composition combines solvents of natural origin, taken from wheat, cassava, corn and potatoes. A formula which received an A rating from UFC Que Choisir upon its release. In addition, this polish is enriched with strengthening silicon to repair damaged nails. Results ? Also gentle on health and comforting for nails, this varnish can be used not only by pregnant and breastfeeding women, but also those experiencing the side effects of cancer treatments. A flawless one, to stay well-groomed down to the tips of your nails.