This ointment removes wrinkles and discolorations. Take PLN 15 and run to the pharmacy

This ointment removes wrinkles and discolorations.  Take PLN 15 and run to the pharmacy

Drugstore shelves are filled with creams with hyaluronic acid, snail slime and retinol. The composition is very diverse, but each of them promises to smooth wrinkles and deeply moisturize. However, prices can be quite high, so not every woman decides to buy them. However, there is a certain ointment in the pharmacy, much cheaper and effective.

This ointment removes wrinkles and discolorations.  Take PLN 15 and run to the pharmacy

The appearance of beautiful, smooth and healthy skin is the dream of each of us. Diet and drinking the right amount of water are helpful in maintaining an aesthetic appearance. However, external care also helps to stop time and the effects of free radicals and UV rays. Before you overpay, try a cheap ointment.

Wrinkle ointment? This ingredient is the key to a youthful appearance

The basis of a cheap and effective ointment is the feathered plant. This plant is valued not only in Poland, but also in the world, both in medicine and cosmetics. It comes from Madagascar and belongs to the Crassulaceae family, i.e. succulents.

The chemical composition of the plant is very rich. The leaves contain flavonoids, vitamin E and C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, tannins, zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium and iron. The use of juice from the mentioned plant has not only antioxidant, but also antiviral and fungicidal properties.

Research conducted by Indian scientists shows that viviparous herb significantly inhibits the activity of lipid peroxidation, i.e. the oxidation process. This means that the plant has the ability to fight free radicals, thus slowing down the aging process. In pharmacies you can buy ointment containing viviparus, so if you want to maintain a beautiful and young appearance, it is worth going for a little shopping.

Azelaic acid, cheap and effective. What does it help?

Another option that costs about PLN 15 is a preparation containing azelaic acid. It not only has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, but also removes discolorations. The preparation is available in various forms and is also recommended for people struggling with acne.

Azelaic acid naturally occurs in grains such as barley, rye and wheat. The strong action of the acid allows you to safely exfoliate the epidermis and remove discolorations, including those caused by acne. It is worth noting, however, that all types of cosmetics and other preparations containing acids require avoiding excessive exposure to the sun.

Therefore, when deciding to use it, you should protect your skin, do not sunbathe, and it is best to perform the treatments in autumn. This way we minimize the risk of irritation.