This original method from a psychiatrist dad to reduce his children’s screen time

This original method from a psychiatrist dad to reduce his children's screen time

You don’t know how to get your child off the television? A psychiatrist seems to have found the solution.

All scientists agree that poor use of social media, television and computers has consequences on the physical and mental health of children. This is why a father, doctor and psychiatrist, decided to take action. He established an astonishing rule… which has already attracted many other young parents.

Children should engage in different activities… before looking at screens

The doctor is the proud father of seven children, aged from one to fourteen years old.

To enforce the digital time limit on his children, he first explained to them the reasons why excessive exposure could harm them. Then, it certainly allows them to play on the console or on a tablet… provided they have carried out certain tasks beforehand.

Thus, in his TikTok video, the young dad explains that he imagined a list of activities that his children must do before being able to use an iPad or a console, such as:

  • “Clean your room”;
  • “Do your homework” ;
  • “Do some exercise or go for a walk outside”;
  • “Are your things ready for tomorrow?” ;

Although this method may seem original, it nevertheless invites little ones to have fun other than on a console. They also realize that certain things must be done at home – and that they cannot be postponed or tomorrow.

I don’t force my son to exercise every day, but I do set rules and limits around his screen time. He decided he wanted to have more time after school to play with his friend? Well to do that, he realized he had to wake up a little earlier and exercise in the morning. (…) This morning for example, he had a big smile. He felt better about himself. I had the opportunity to tell him how proud I was of him,” explains the father.

A practice that has already attracted many Internet users.

No screen before the age of 3

In France, the High Council for Public Health (HCSP) estimates “that before the age of 3, screens should be prohibited if the conditions for parental interaction are not met“.

As for the World Health Organization (WHO), its opinion is more nuanced: “It is not recommended to place a one-year-old child in front of a screen (to watch television, a video or a video game). At two years old, one hour in front of the screen should be a maximum; less is more“.

The world authority also recommends a maximum hour in front of screens “between 3 and 4 years old“.

But the context in which screen use takes place also plays an important role. For example, stopping using the phone during meals is an effective way to give your children more attention. The quality of interactions will only be better.