Three flavors that will add flavor to 2024

Three flavors that will add flavor to 2024

In the same way that Pantone designated Peach Fuzz as the color of the year, certain flavors should also give some pep to 2024, or rather relief, to our plates. Between flower, root and fruit, this new year will especially have a taste of nature.


Highlighted in traditional drinks by young French chefs who are keen to present the flavors of their roots, like Omar Dhiab and his Egyptian karkadé or Mory Sacko and his Senegalese bissap, hibiscus will brighten up our plates in 2024, according to restaurant reservation giant TheFork. In its latest annual report, developed alongside the Nelly Rodi trends firm, to present what we will eat this year in restaurants, the platform focuses on a well-being diet drawing on the benefits of nature to give taste to both our menus only send good waves to our body. If we have learned to appreciate edible flowers as decoration on gourmet plates, hibiscus should be the trendy flower that gives depth to our meals.

Purple Yam

It is found in exotic grocery stores. And pastry chefs who are keen to prepare desserts without artificial colors know it: purple yam. It is also called ube and it is distinguished by a beautiful purple color. In 2024, more than its pigment, it is its flavor that we should appreciate, according to an American company which manufactures flavors and perfumes for the food industry, and in particular drinks. The T.Hasegawa company has spotted a rise in popularity of the ingredient in recipes and content published on the social network TikTok, to the point of designating it as flavor of the year. Presented in powder form, the tuber, which is grown particularly in Indonesia, is consumed in a latte supposed to improve digestion, relieve anxiety and even memory! You can also use purple yam powder as a thickener in a sauce or in a cake.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

Pineapple (on pizza)

It’s a debate that rages, as much as between those who support chocolatine and others who prefer to say pain au chocolat. If you are part of the community of pizza eaters who are outraged to see a piece of pineapple on your pizza, it would be better not to frequent pizzerias this year… In any case, not in the United States where pizza Hawaiian – with pineapple therefore, will be popular. And it is not an exotic fruit producer who shares his convictions, but Grubhub, the meal delivery giant in Uncle Sam’s country. Orders for this type of pizza which arouses so much controversy have increased by 33 % last year compared to 2022, enough to authorize the presence of pineapple on the margherita…