Three natural ingredients to give your skin a makeover in spring

Three natural ingredients to give your skin a makeover in spring

A carrot, coffee grounds, and a pinch of calendula. These three natural ingredients offer an ideal detox treatment to revitalize skin damaged by the cold and gray winter. These solutions allow for deep cleansing, reduce redness caused by temperature variations and promote a naturally radiant complexion. Three essential steps to prepare the skin to face the new season as it should.

Coffee grounds to gently exfoliate

Renewing skin necessarily requires deep cleansing, and therefore regular exfoliation to get rid of dead cells accumulated throughout the winter. An accessible natural exfoliant, coffee grounds are the natural ingredient best suited to this task. Not content with refining the skin’s texture to make it smoother, softer and more radiant, without stripping it, it also absorbs sebum and, since it is rich in caffeine, offers a real boost to the eyes. . Goodbye bags and dark circles, make way for skin full of vitality and health. And not to waste anything, it won’t cost you anything since the grounds straight out of your coffee maker were destined to be thrown away anyway. A great way to recycle your waste.

The carrot for a healthy glow

The carrot not only makes you pleasant, it also gives the skin that healthy glow that it missed so much during the winter, and prepares it for the return of the sun. Rich in vitamin A, carrots are known to provide numerous benefits to the skin, including a healthy glow and a long-term boost of radiance. Ideal at the end of winter. And that’s not all, since carrots also promote tanning, and, thanks to their antioxidant properties, prevent skin aging.

Calendula to reduce redness

Who says new season, says variation in temperatures, and therefore inconvenience for the skin. Something which can notably result in redness or imperfections. It is therefore also necessary to focus on ingredients rich in soothing active ingredients. This is the case of calendula, a plant well known to people prone to itching, which calms all types of irritation, and leaves the skin soft and soothed. In addition to its calming effect, calendula also has restorative properties that allow the skin to heal more easily. To include in your detox treatment to approach spring more calmly.