Tok beauty: an effective makeup remover product to get rid of oily hair

Tok beauty: an effective makeup remover product to get rid of oily hair

Each product has its specific use. This seemingly wise advice does not seem to the taste of TikTokers who like to hijack all kinds of beauty products to bring out new trends and make them viral. The latest is to use a makeup remover to get rid of oily hair, and space out shampoos as much as possible. Explanations.

Impossible to miss the phenomenon. The diversion of products, whether cosmetics, ingredients or kitchen utensils, has become commonplace on TikTok. Over the past few months, blush has evolved into concealer, the strainer into a curling iron, and duct tape has transformed into a do-it-all beauty product. All of this obviously allowing content creators and users to gain views and followers thanks to new trends, each more unusual than the last. Why then stop there? We know that the hair routine is now at the heart of beauty concerns with new practices intended to obtain hydrated, shiny and healthy-looking hair. But ultimately it’s a totally unexpected product that could change your daily life: micellar water.

Cleanse, remove make-up, tone

An essential part of the beauty routine for many years, micellar water is a versatile product that helps rid the facial skin of makeup and impurities and cleanses it, while acting as a toner. Suitable for all skin types, it offers a double advantage – saving time and money – which has enabled it to establish itself over the long term in the bathroom. Something which should be reinforced by a new, more surprising use, intended to rid the hair of dirt and impurities without having to use the shampoo box.


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With nearly a billion views on TikTok, the hashtag #micellarwater demonstrates users’ enthusiasm for this all-in-one product. But for several weeks, the videos associated with these terms no longer – or almost – show users applying the product to the skin, but to the hair. In a video that has garnered nearly 63,000 views, user @alessa.miki sprays a micellar water solution on her hair, saying it helps clean it, like the scalp, and regulates production. of sebum. A gesture which did not go unnoticed, and which attracted subscribers looking for tips to overcome oily hair.

Space out shampoos

It must be said that the fight against oily hair began well before the era of social networks. We’ve all noticed that hair starts to feel greasy two or three days after washing it, sometimes less for those who are faced with an overproduction of sebum or who use too much shampoo or conditioner. . As a result, we tend to increase the frequency of shampooing, which contributes to increasing the production of sebum, and therefore to regaining this oily film even more quickly. A phenomenon that has given rise to a host of tips, from baking soda to cider vinegar to massaging the scalp or rinsing with cold water.

As for micellar water, although it now seems to be unanimously accepted on the Chinese social network, it is in no way innovative. Shampoos and hair lotions enriched with micellar water have even been offered by many cosmetic brands for several years. The reason is simple: micellar water is made up of micelles, surfactant molecules that could be compared to magnets for dirt and impurities. It therefore acts in the same way on the scalp as on the skin. Note also that this is not the first time that users of the Chinese social network have used this tip.

Last year, user @abbeyyung had already created a buzz by brushing her hair with micellar water, before massaging her scalp and then doing her usual two shampoos. Viewed more than 1.3 million times, the publication extolled the merits of makeup remover as a hair product, indicating that hair was better cleansed, and above all softer and shinier. A tip that has proven itself for a long time, and continues to find a place in the routine of many beautyistas.

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