Tok beauty: an ordinary brush to put an end to… frizz

Tok beauty: an ordinary brush to put an end to… frizz

How to make a perfect tackle? Beyond the technique which allows you to flatten the hair over the entire head, it is essential to get rid of the frizz which can spoil such a hairstyle. A major problem that a famous American hairdresser has just solved using an ordinary product that everyone has in their bathroom: a makeup brush. Explanations.

The tackle has become an essential in hairdressing, from catwalks to street styles via social networks, but it is not within everyone’s reach, far from it. Although there are brushes specifically designed for the plating technique, such as the boar bristle brush, these are not necessarily suitable for the majority of people, leaving frizz to spoil this hairstyle prized for its impeccable finish. But then how to make a tackle worthy of the name? Quite simply using a makeup brush – with foundation very specifically – and a little hairspray, as hair stylist Matt Newman reveals on TikTok.

In a video published a few days ago, and already viewed nearly 100,000 times, Matt Newman aka @mattloveshair, reveals his own technique which seems, for once, truly infallible. The professional, who has tied his hair into a ponytail with a perfectly defined part in the middle of his head, first grabs a foundation brush which he sprays with hairspray. Nothing very complicated at first… Then he simply runs the brush over his hair, from the roots to the bottom of the head, flattening and smoothing all the frizz he encounters along the way.

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Not only does this tip get rid of frizz in just a few minutes, and without having to resort to expensive products, but it also guarantees perfect coverage throughout the day thanks to the use of hairspray. “Great tip, thank you!”, “Oh wow! It’s really a great tip”, “This will change my life”, can we note among the many comments posted under the tutorial, testifying to the enthusiasm of users for this hair tip.

This is not the first time that TikTokers have tried to tackle frizz head-on, using tips that are as original as they are crazy. One was using dental floss to flatten flyaways, while another was running aluminum foil over the hair to straighten it. So many beauty toks which are reminiscent of the interest of social users in the diversion of products in the world of cosmetics.