Tok beauty: luscious lips without going through the injection box

Tok beauty: luscious lips without going through the injection box

Injections in the lips are no longer popular, to the point that celebrities have been successively announcing for several months that they have completely given up on them. But it remains possible to show off a luscious mouth without having to go through the hyaluronic acid box, or other such techniques. A product that most women have in their bathroom would be enough to double their volume, without harming the natural shape of their mouth. Explanations.

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the beauty habits of women around the world, with a desire to embrace more natural routines (goodbye full-coverage foundation and contouring!). Then women once again turned to more ostentatious beauty treatments, such as unapproachable makeup, cherry makeup, pumpkin spice makeup, or even red wine makeup. But, it must be clarified, this does not signify the end of a natural approach to beauty, simply the desire of those mainly concerned to be able to alternate between discreet beauty and more extravagant makeup, according to their desires, their mood, their tastes, or the moment, even the event, for which they plan to dress up.

A phenomenon which is reflected in particular by a much less marked interest in injections which modify the natural shape of the lips or the rest of the face, and a greater enthusiasm for makeup techniques which make it possible to occasionally obtain high cheekbones, a facial smoother, or fuller lips. And this is without forgetting the attraction of women for a more demanding preventive routine, in terms of care, hair removal, eyelash extensions, or hair treatments, which now allows them to spend record time in the room bath every morning. A beauty between two waters, in short, which could take the form of “less is more” as well as “more is less”, and which in fact seems to suit the greatest number of people.

In this desire to use the most ingenious tips to replace the most unnatural beauty techniques, such as injections, users of social networks are turning en masse to professional makeup artists, specialists in the genre. And it’s Mary Phillips, who does makeup for many celebrities like Sydney Sweeney, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Dua Lipa, who is doing well this week. The professional revealed a foolproof tip to double the volume of her lips , without resorting to injections, and make them plumper than ever.

A proven method

Good news, a simple lip pencil is enough to achieve this little trick. In a video viewed more than three million times, Mary Phillips offers a complete tutorial on this makeup technique. And it’s child’s play. To do this, you need to use a lip liner slightly darker than the color of your lips (but not too much), and draw a line starting from the outer corners. The makeup artist advises following the natural lip line, then continuing outside of that line as you get closer to Cupid’s bow. On the other hand, you must stick to the natural line for the lower lip, forcing the line a little in the center.

Once this step is completed, simply blend everything subtly using a brush, apply a touch of concealer to camouflage any pencil that may have exceeded, then fill in the lips with gloss or lipstick. lips, of your choice, depending on the desired result. As a result, the lips appear plumped, but without having lost their natural shape.

This tip is reminiscent of a technique made public by Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian’s favorite make-up artist, in 2021. It was then a question of drawing a fairly thick line on the upper lip by accentuating the line on the Cupid’s bow, then penetrate the lip liner on the sides, before drawing a new line in the center of the lower lip, then filling it all in using a lipstick of the same shade. A subtly different method, but which proves that a simple lip pencil can be more than enough to obtain luscious lips as ‘naturally’ as possible.

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