Tok beauty: the 2-4-2 rule for an express and effortless makeup routine

Tok beauty: the 2-4-2 rule for an express and effortless makeup routine

Getting a few minutes of sleep, without having to neglect your makeup routine, while displaying a naturally radiant complexion: this is the promise of the 2-4-2 method, which has gone viral on TikTok. Accessible to beginners, this technique guarantees impeccable make-up in less than ten minutes, and without having to break the bank. Who says better ?

Contrary to what some might think, this magic formula has absolutely no link with the new playing system put in place by Didier Deschamps in the run-up to Euro 2024 – there would be a shortage of players on the field. It is to a completely different domain, that of makeup, that this mysterious code applies: 2-4-2. The idea is very simple, focus on a rather limited selection of beauty products to optimize your makeup routine, without neglecting the finish, and in record time. According to users of the Chinese social network, this technique would have allowed them to save a lot of time in the morning, to the point of being able to sleep longer.

This beauty tip is undoubtedly one of the simplest spotted on the Chinese social network, requiring neither experience, nor dexterity, nor technicality. If it is in no way creative, it nevertheless allows users to express themselves according to their tastes and desires, and above all to choose the products they wish to use. But then, what is the specificity of this method? Well it’s simple, it’s just a matter of limiting your makeup routine to a limited number of products, eight in this case: two for the eyes, four for the complexion, and two for the lips. This golden rule would guarantee a more natural make-up, without compromising on the radiance and healthy glow, nor on the quality of the beauty treatment – on the contrary – and, as we have seen, to gain time.

Four complexion products

The success of the 2-4-2 rule is such that the associated hashtags have already generated more than 15 million views. You just have to take a look at each video to realize that users can turn to the products they prefer, without any restriction, provided of course that they do not exceed the imposed number. However, some content creators advise focusing on a discreet eye shadow and mascara for the eyes, a light foundation, a tinted cream or base, as well as a concealer, a sun-kissed powder and a blush for the complexion, and a lip liner and gloss. Products that are perfect for daytime makeup, and which can be replaced by more covering textures and bolder shades for evening makeup.

There is no question of saying that this tip is revolutionary, it is not, but it has the merit of saving precious time without having to botch your beauty routine, and can also boast of being simple, effective and, of course, without any risk to health. It now remains to be observed whether this golden rule will really herald the return of more natural beauty, initiated during the health crisis then undermined in recent months by trends such as the vampire bimbo core, pumpkin spice make-up, or again the martini make-up, aesthetics which (officially) sign the imminent arrival of the autumn and end-of-year celebrations.

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