Tok beauty: the “60-second rule” for healthy, perfectly cleansed skin

Tok beauty: the “60-second rule” for healthy, perfectly cleansed skin

In recent years, skincare has become essential in the cosmetics sector. And for good reason, consumers now prefer to display healthy, well-groomed skin rather than hiding possible imperfections under layers of makeup. This is good news, a dermatologist has just revealed on TikTok the ideal routine to cleanse your skin and rid it of all its impurities.

Aesthetic professionals, just like dermatologists, content creators, and beauty enthusiasts, continue to hammer it home daily on social networks: you need to clean your skin deeply to eliminate the impurities accumulated throughout your life. the day. This step constitutes the basis of a good beauty routine morning and evening, in the same way as removing make-up, applying a serum adapted to your needs, and a day (or night) cream, as well as a scrub and a mask at least once a week. There is no doubt that most men and women engage in this endless ritual, but it is less likely – according to some specialists – that they do it correctly.

This is precisely the subject of a tip that has gone viral on TikTok, provided not by ordinary socionauts but by an American dermatologist, Dr. Charles Puza, known on social networks as Dr. Charles. In a video of around thirty seconds, viewed more than 80,000 times, the specialist lifts the veil on the “60 second rule“. A title which does not say much about what the health professional intends to reveal, but which it is nevertheless necessary to keep in mind each time you begin your daily beauty routine. Because it is indeed good here to clean your skin in depth, not in a hurry but, we will have understood, for a whole minute to (really) rid it of its impurities.

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Dr Charles indicates that there is no point spending a fortune on treatment, no matter how reputable and effective, if each action is not carried out in the right way. He goes on to explain that most people spend on average between 10 and 15 seconds cleansing their face, which he says is not enough to allow the active ingredients to work on the skin. According to the specialist, it is essential to apply the “60-second rule” which consists of washing your face for one minute to give the active ingredients time to penetrate the skin in order to cleanse it deeply.

This is what he details in an interview with BuzzFeed: “Our skin is made up of several layers, and the outermost layer can be thought of as our shield against the outside world. The ‘splash and go’ method does not give the skin time to soften and let the product do its work“. And added: “We’re living in the golden age of skincare and many of our facial cleansers are packed with awesome active ingredients. It is important to give these powerful assets time to do their job“.

For even more effective cleansing, the New York-based dermatologist advises applying the product to the face and letting it sit for 15 to 30 seconds before lathering it up, then beginning circular massages to cleanse the skin. All that remains is to experiment with this method to clear things up and (really) start the year in style.

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