Tok beauty: the foolproof tip to obtain a more natural complexion

Tok beauty: the foolproof tip to obtain a more natural complexion

Child’s play! This is how TikTok users think about makeup, and this is probably why they often turn out to be as talented as they are creative. This is not the latest tip that has gone viral and should be a game-changer, even if it was revealed by a professional. The idea? Avoid the mask or plaster effect of foundation thanks to a gesture that is as accessible as it is banal. Explanations.

“Less is more”! This approach to fashion and beauty has been unanimously accepted for several years now, without being followed to the letter. The proof is with makeup, which has long been dominated by contouring and highlighting techniques intended to sculpt the face or the massive application of foundation intended to conceal imperfections. The health crisis, through confinement and the generalization of teleworking, has however changed the situation, with a desire to turn towards more natural beauty treatments. While foundation hasn’t disappeared from the bathroom, many women have slowed down or turned to techniques designed to achieve a less superficial look.

As a result, tips and advice follow one another on social networks to emphasize a naturally fresh and radiant complexion. And if this now involves first and foremost the care given to the skin, we are also seeing an increase in techniques aimed at reducing the quantities of materials and textures applied during beauty treatments. This is the case with a tip recently revealed by professional makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, followed by more than 200,000 people on TikTok. In a video of less than 30 seconds, the latter explains how a simple gesture, accessible to everyone, allows you to obtain a radiant, flawless complexion while remaining natural.

According to the makeup artist, the solution lies in the way everyone applies their foundation. Instead of putting the product on the brush and then applying it directly to the face, she recommends rubbing the tool in the palm of your hand using circular motions, then applying the foundation to the face. A trivial gesture which would allow less material to be deposited on the face, and therefore to avoid the plaster effect, and above all to better distribute said product. In this way, the complexion is worked but still appears natural, without the risk of suffering the inconvenience linked to the mask effect – or of suffocating the skin. Note that the tip has already garnered nearly 6 million views.

@katiejanehughes You’re putting your foundation on wrong try priming the brush!!! #fyp#foundation#kjhtaughtme ♬ original sound – Katiejanehughes

This is not the first time that Katie Jane Hughes has stood out on the Chinese social network. In fall 2022, the professional makeup artist has largely contributed to popularizing underpainting, this method consisting of reversing the order of the steps – and the products – that are applied to the skin to obtain a flawless complexion. A technique which, to date, has managed to garner more than 250 million views.