Tok beauty: the ultimate tip for a glamorous and festive make-up on December 31

Tok beauty: the ultimate tip for a glamorous and festive make-up on December 31

Only one day left before properly celebrating the new year, and closing the chapter dedicated to the one that has just passed. It remains to be seen which outfit, and which beauty look, will accompany you on this wild journey placed – as often – under the sign of the most glittery glamour. Those who have not yet found what they are looking for can be reassured, tiktokers have taken it upon themselves to reveal the ultimate tip to make your look more festive than ever.

Unlike Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve is rarely marked by sobriety in terms of fashion and beauty. This is good, the idea is to give yourself a look that is more difficult to show off the rest of the year, and to show off to approach the season as it should be – and with style. new Year. And in this little game, glitter clearly stands out, even though it is regularly singled out for its impact on the environment.

A few days before New Year’s Eve, social users only seem to swear by a product capable of transforming any outfit into an ultra festive look: glitter spray – also called glitter spray or bomb. This product that millennials loved during their adolescence is currently a hit with younger generations, and is even proving to be the star of New Year’s Eve. And for good reason, not only is it affordable, but in just a few sprays it allows you to transform an outfit, a hairstyle, or a beauty look, to shine brightly until the end of the night.

A hashtag that has generated nearly 450 million views

On TikTok, the hashtag #glitterspray has already generated nearly 450 million views, and that’s without counting its countless derivatives and variations, whether in terms of application, color, formulation, and even texture. Regardless of the hairstyle created, the clothes chosen, or the beauty look concocted, the glitter sprays – be sure to choose a multifunctional product to avoid any inconvenience – can be applied everywhere for a sparkling finish, worthy of the most fun evenings dedicated to the end of year celebrations.

@fruitylolo Glittery spray dress hack #glitterspray #sparklydress #newyearseve #newyearsoutfit #newyearsdress ♬ original sound – Lydia

Via its users, the Chinese social network lifts the veil on the thousand and one ways to use a glitter bomb, whether by spraying it on a black dress to transform it into a festive outfit, by applying it to the neckline , legs, and arms for sparkling skin, as a finishing touch to your hair to add an original touch to your look, or by enhancing your beauty with a (small) dose of glitter sprayed here and there on the face – taking care to avoid the most sensitive areas. Some, undoubtedly more daring, do not hesitate to put it absolutely everywhere to give themselves a total glitter look that could make the heroines of the most famous fairy tales pale.

@arminarshe your sign to spray glitter before you go out ✨✨🫶🏼🫶🏼#glitterspray #glitterhairspray #glitters #imjustagirl #glitterhair ♬ original sound – armin arshe

Considering the comments posted under the numerous videos on the subject, it seems that people like it. “I’m going to try it, it completely changes the style of the dress”, “the 90s are making a comeback”, or even “sequins improve any outfit”, are among the many praises given to these glitter sprays a few days before New Year’s Eve. Be careful, however, that glitter, especially applied in this form, is particularly difficult to remove or wash, not to mention, as seen above, that it is harmful to the environment. Last October, the European Union announced its intention to gradually ban their sale to put an end to the microplastics that pollute the planet.