Tok beauty: this banal everyday product would be enough to set your makeup

Tok beauty: this banal everyday product would be enough to set your makeup

In the bustling world of beauty, a century-old tip is resurfacing, promising to set makeup like never before – until the last 100 years at least. Popularized by professional makeup artists and adopted by TikTok users, this simple and economical method could well revolutionize your beauty routine.

While beauty trends evolve at a breakneck pace, an ancestral technique is the subject of a certain enthusiasm on the part of social users. Oh surprise, this is based on the virtues of cold, this ally as old as time that users seem not to be able to do without for several years. This time, however, it is not about giving yourself a radiant complexion, making visible pores disappear, or reducing dark circles and redness, but about fixing your makeup. We owe this popular technique to renowned make-up artist Lisa Eldridge. At stake ? No less than 1.8 million views for a video of only fourteen seconds.

It is the star makeup artist herself who highlights the fact that it is an age-old technique. And contrary to what one might believe, it does not require specific overpriced products, nor know-how, nor professional technique, quite the contrary. A simple cotton pad and ice water would be enough to make your makeup last all day long. To do this, after carefully applying makeup, soak the cotton pad in water, wring it out to prevent the water from dripping everywhere, then pat it all over your entire face. This method would remove excess powder, foundation, and blush, among other products applied to the skin, while providing a fresh and radiant complexion.

@lisaeldridgemakeup Try this 100 year old makeup hack and let me know how you get on!! #makeuphacks #lisaeldridge #lisaeldridgemakeup ♬ original sound – Lisa Eldridge

The popularity of this technique has recently increased on TikTok, where many users have tried and approved its effectiveness. Social users shared their experience, saying that this method helped them keep their makeup intact, in all circumstances. The tip would also be particularly useful for those who use a lot of powder, because it allows excess to be removed while preserving makeup. Under Lisa Eldridge’s video, users are delighted with such a tip: “a perfect tip for summer”, “this is what my former mother-in-law did, who learned it at school ‘aesthetic’, ‘my grandmother told me that she did this every day’, we can read, showing in passing that the technique is indeed ancestral.

Note also that this video by Lisa Eldridge dates from… June 2022, resurfacing more than a year after its publication. Cold water, although proven, is not the only technique used by social users to set their makeup. There are many other methods, such as setting mists, sprays, or even specific primers, or even sparkling water. But using a cotton pad – or a fine cotton cloth – and water not only saves money, but also avoids certain chemicals.

The use of cold is a dominant trend in beauty, embodied by simple but effective techniques. ‘Skin icing’, and its many variations, offers hydration, radiance and firmness to the skin. The ‘frozen beauty blender’, a frozen makeup sponge, promises flawless foundation application, in addition to reducing dark circles and puffiness. And the ‘frozen cucumber’, or frozen cucumber, is a natural remedy for dark circles, highlighting the soothing and refreshing properties of cucumber. These tips, popular for their simplicity and effectiveness, illustrate the return to natural and accessible beauty methods.