Too good to be true: here are 6 phrases that manipulators use to trick you

Too good to be true: here are 6 phrases that manipulators use to trick you

Manipulators are good at charming their victims with nice words. But what are the phrases you should be wary of? Here are six, particularly used by these people to bamboozle their targets.

Manipulative people have perfect mastery of the word and know exactly what to say to their victim, to charm them and better trick them. What phrases should you be wary of? Here are six.

1) “Wow, you are really good at expressing yourself, I could listen to you all day”

Manipulative people will flatter you, making you believe that you are their number one priority. They will shower you with compliments, to feed your ego, using the love bombing technique. So be careful with this type of sentence, which seems to idealize you. It’s actually about making you fall into their nets better.

2) “What you think matters to me, you have golden ideas!”

Here again, these are in-depth compliments, which should ring a bell. When someone says this kind of thing to you, ask yourself if they are really listening to you, or if it is just empty compliments and flattery, to better achieve their ends.

To see things more clearly, you have to analyze your behavior: it must be the same whatever the circumstances and not depend on external factors. If this type of compliment is only given to you when your speech fits what he thinks, for example, distrust.

3) “You complete me”

You should also be wary of this type of sentence. It would mean that without you, this person feels incomplete, but is this the reality? Do you really need another person in your life to feel complete? If this is the case, it does not seem healthy and suggests that the story could quickly turn into a toxic relationship.

4) “I have a secret for you: I have never felt this way about anyone”

Saying that you’ve never felt like this before is a phrase that is often said during a romantic relationship. It puts you on a pedestal and makes you feel “special.” But in reality, it is more of a manipulation. A way of idealizing yourself, a bit like a trophy and no longer like the human being that you are, above all.

5) “You make me want to be a better person”

Making a person change for the better is always satisfying, but then again, is it really possible? Nothing is less sure. In any case, each person must be responsible for their well-being and their behaviors, they should not rely on someone else to become better. You might think that it delegates this responsibility, a bit like a burden, on your shoulders. Remember that you are only responsible for yourself.

Good in his body, good in his head!

6) “You know, my ex was never like that.”

Being compared to an ex is never good, in itself. By saying this sentence, the person is trying to manipulate you, by creating a sort of “fictitious competition” with people they may have been around in the past. It also implicitly means that you are not good enough. Be careful, because this will allow them to gain the upper hand over you during moments of weakness.