Top New Year’s gifts according to BORK

Top New Year's gifts according to BORK


The BORK styler effectively copes with several tasks at once: it gently dries and smoothes the hair without damaging it, and also curls and adds volume – even unruly hair will get a strong style. Thanks to the patented ionization system, moisture is retained in the structure of the curls, making them long-lasting, smooth and shiny. Temperature and air flow speed can be set with just one touch, making the automatic functions also suitable for children and pets.

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Percussion body massager

A percussion body massager continues to be one of the most desired gifts year after year, probably due to both its compactness and ability to give a pleasant feeling. The gadget with eight attachments included fits into a convenient travel case and is ready to work out stiff muscles in any situation. A unique feature of the massager is that it changes speed depending on the pressure on the body, ensuring a smooth start to the relaxing procedure.

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Electronic decanter and glasses

Another gift idea is an elegant wine tandem, in which partners, an oxygen decanter and crystal glass glasses created in a Hungarian manufactory, complement each other. The first one can surprise even experienced sommeliers: the device reveals the taste of the drink in just 60 seconds, while ordinary decanters require at least an hour. A special aeration system purifies the air from nitrogen and carbon dioxide and creates a flow of highly concentrated oxygen – it reveals the taste of the drink, softening tannins and reducing negative effects on the body. In turn, the glasses, developed together with Michelin restaurant sommeliers, also help to reveal the taste and aroma of wine due to their shape.

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Play sets

When creating premium BORK sets with classic games – chess, dominoes, checkers, backgammon – Italian masters paid special attention to tactile sensations. Boxwood figures and chips are carefully packed in cases made of natural suede; the boxes of the sets are made of valuable wood and trimmed with scratch-resistant genuine leather. Due to this, every move in the game is a touch of the age-old traditions of handcraft.


The grill will appeal to both lovers of culinary delights and those who want to get the perfect dish in a couple of clicks. The gadget allows you to choose one of several types of meat, poultry or fish, set the desired degree of frying and enjoy the result. If desired, at the time of cooking, you can use the built-in temperature probe to understand the temperature inside the meat – from +45 to +75 °C. The technical design of the grill is thought out to the smallest detail: by changing the angle of inclination of its surfaces, you can cook dietary dishes without fat or foods in their own juices, the upper working surface is tightly fixed, and the panels are removed in one motion and are easy to clean.

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Washing robot vacuum cleaner

The premium robot vacuum cleaner BORK opens up a new level of freedom from cleaning, revolutionizing ideas about this class of devices. Removing dust, changing water and cleaning the washing disks here occur autonomously – the robot does this itself at the base station. This is a truly powerful gadget that navigates in space like a self-driving car, requiring virtually no human participation in its processes. One of the highest suction powers on the market, 5000 Pa, leaves even the smallest particles of dust and animal hair no chance.

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Food system

If all other devices strive to demonstrate their capabilities, the BORK storage system, on the contrary, hides all the most valuable things from prying eyes. This is a stylish solution for storing documents, accessories, money and other valuables. The durable steel case is hand-trimmed with genuine leather from Italy, and the inside is made of Alcantara fabric. Reliability is beyond doubt: there is no need to remember a password, since the biometric lock opens smoothly in one second using a fingerprint. If necessary, the device memory can store data from more than a hundred users.

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Aroma station

Set a festive mood by filling the space of your home with the subtle aromas of citrus fruits, pine trees or other essential oils using the stylish aluminum aroma station SINTO from BORK. The “smart” system allows you to customize the entire process for yourself a week in advance: the spraying of oils made from natural ingredients will occur at specified hours from two bottles – scents can be combined or alternated. Spraying is carried out using ultrasound, which makes it possible to distribute the aroma evenly even in a large space of up to 300 square meters. m.

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