‘Uncanny valley’: the scary makeup trend that’s freaking out social media

'Uncanny valley': the scary makeup trend that's freaking out social media

Halloween is well and truly over, but social users are clearly not done with terrifying beauty trends. The proof with the ‘Uncanny valley’, a new inspiration which consists of putting on makeup to look like a robot. And we have to believe that users of TikTok, where the trend has gone viral, like to scare each other since the hashtags associated with this beauty treatment have already generated more than 100 million views.

The terms ‘uncanny valley’, which mean ‘the strange valley’ in French, were not invented by users of the Chinese platform. They existed long before the latter transformed them into a beauty trend. They even refer to a theory presented by the Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori in the 1970s, reflecting the apprehension and unease, if not the impression of strangeness, felt when faced with a humanoid representation – in other words a form of artificial intelligence ( AI) almost human. It is exactly this feeling that social users are seeking to reproduce today with the ‘Uncanny valley makeup’ trend, which intends to scare their subscribers.

And it works! You just have to take a look at all the videos posted on the subject on TikTok to see the discomfort and fear generated, but users also greatly appreciate these futuristic tutorials. To date, the hashtags #uncannyvalleymakeup and #uncannymakeup have respectively 87 million and 33 million views on the Chinese social network, while #uncannyvalley flirts with 900 million views. Figures which demonstrate a certain fascination with this trend at a time when humanoid robots are flourishing all over the world.

As the end-of-year holidays approach, beauty trends are usually magical, but we must recognize that this year is an exception with this surprising inspiration. But then, how to reproduce it? In reality, there aren’t really any specific rules, with content creators using techniques that are as diverse as they are varied. It essentially involves covering your face with foundation, concealer, and other highlighters to play with contrasts and light, and in particular transforming it, covering your eyebrows to hide them, then modifying the appearance of the face. mouth and eyes using pencil. Essential steps to looking like a humanoid and scaring those around you… or your followers.

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