Urinary incontinence in men: how to relieve it naturally?

Urinary incontinence in men: how to relieve it naturally?

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Difficulty urinating, painful infections, discomfort during urination… male urinary incontinence affects around 7 to 8% of men after 65 years of age. Often associated with problems related to the prostate, it most often manifests itself by urinary leakage which causes suffering to patients. Fortunately, there are solutions to limit symptoms naturally. Here is all you need to know !

Hydration to combat urinary incontinence

To maintain your urinary system in good health, it is necessary to hydrate well. Drinking water regularly and in sufficient quantity acts directly and effectively on the body, eliminating toxins from the body while reducing inflammation of the prostate.

At the same time, hydration helps alleviate certain annoying or painful symptoms such as low urinary pressure or difficulty for patients to empty their bladder normally.

Natural ingredients to relieveurinary incontinence

Certain natural products are known to reduce the symptoms ofurinary incontinence masculine. We particularly recommend Saw palmetto, a palm plant native to Florida whose properties help reduce pressing and frequent urges by limiting compression of the bladder. It is also possible to turn to pumpkin seeds: these promote good urinary flow. No more dripping!

Very effective in regulating the volume of the prostate, these two ingredients impact the enzyme responsible for the natural enlargement of the prostate.

Prostanat from Laboratoire Naturavignon: the urinary comfort food supplement with active ingredients of natural origin

Are you looking for how to effectively relieve the pain of urinary incontinence at men’s ? Trust Prostanat food supplements from Laboratoire Naturavignon. Composed of active ingredients of natural origin such as pumpkin seeds and saw palmetto, these capsules act on regulating the volume of the prostate while acting on pressing desires.

These natural ingredients help to limit intermittent jets, drips but also delayed drips. At the same time, better evacuation of urine helps limit the proliferation of bacteria in the bladder and therefore the risk of urinary irritation.

With its 5 targeted actions, Prostanat from Laboratoire Naturavignon is therefore the ideal food supplement to improve urinary comfort and virility. Praised by thousands of people, it has already sold nearly 3 million copies.