Use lipstick to camouflage dark circles

Use lipstick to camouflage dark circles

The passion of TikTok users for the diversion of products is such that we discover new unexpected tips every week to optimize our beauty routine. The latest one focuses on dark circles, a problem that is generally attributed to poor blood circulation, and which can be a source of complexes. It is therefore a question here of trying to hide them with make-up, but not with a concealer or a corrector, which are far too classic… The ultimate trick lies in three words: lipstick.

For it to go viral on TikTok, a beauty tip must be original, effective, totally unexpected, and of course innovative – at least for the time. Once these ingredients are put together, users can secure countless views that will allow them to shine as content creators that matter – at least occasionally. As a result, we have been witnessing for several years the diversion of products as diverse as they are varied and improbable, such as the use of adhesive tape to contour or fight wrinkles, the use of false eyelash glue to hold her bangs in place, or even aluminum foil to get rid of frizz. The bigger it is, the better it works, as the ‘latest’ fashionable trick on the Chinese social network proves.

Neutralize the color of dark circles

Advice and beauty gestures intended to get rid of dark circles, or more precisely to camouflage them, follow each other without ever resembling each other in the sociosphere. And the one that is making the buzz a few weeks before the start of the school year should leave no one indifferent. This time it’s about using a lipstick (yes, you read that right) to overcome these bluish halos that we owe to poor blood circulation, lack of sleep, poor hygiene of life, pollution, exposure to the sun, stress, or the consumption of alcohol and tobacco – it all depends on many factors. On TikTok, there are countless tutorials that highlight this trick intended to optimize the effects of concealer.

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According to the videos posted on the social network, there is not one but several methods to transform lipstick into an effective concealer. Most users apply the tube of lipstick directly – bright red or orange depending on the skin tone – on dark circles, then blend it before applying their usual concealer, then unroll their beauty routine (foundation, highlighter, etc. .) as they usually do. We also notice videos where the lipstick is applied alone, which is not recommended, but also users who pass a touch of Vaseline, a product that has become essential in beauty on social networks, before applying the lipstick . It will be understood, the variants are numerous.

11 million views

If we rely on the results, we must recognize that this technique seems to work and camouflage bags and dark circles to perfection. It should be noted, however, that it is in no way innovative, and for good reason… Not only do the videos spotted most often date from 2020 and 2021 on the Chinese social network, but in addition this trick has already caused a stir in 2015 on YouTube under the leadership of Deepica Mutyala, now influencer and beauty entrepreneur. The young woman then recommended applying an orange-red lipstick using a brush on the eye contour, tapping lightly without completely blending the material, then applying a concealer with a beauty blender. A tip that had gone around the world, and generated nearly 11 million views.

“Dark circles around the eyes tend to be blue or purple. When you look at a color wheel, these shades sit right across from orange-red, which means lipstick should help neutralize the darkness”, then explained the makeup artist Oonagh Connor to the Daily Mail, validating this trick. Be careful however, the eye area remains very fragile, so do not go from mouth to eye without taking precautions. The best thing is to assign a single function for each tube, and thus avoid any inconvenience.

On social networks, there are now dozens of tips for concealing dark circles, such as ombré concealer, which consists of applying several shades of concealer and blush, pink concealer, which aims conceal dark circles while illuminating the eyes, pink blush, which guarantees the same results, or even skin-icing and other techniques based on cold to reduce them before carrying out its beauty treatment.