Very true, Federica Panicucci is moved by remembering her missing father

Federica Panicucci

Federica Panicucci tells Verissimo as never before

Federica Panicucci is one of the most loved faces of the Italian public: a dazzling smile, that of the splendid presenter, who for many years has accompanied the awakening of Italians with Mattino Cinque.

The very blonde presenter wanted to talk about herself with a long interview with Verissimo from Silvia Toffanin through a profound retrospective on her career and, above all, on her private life. An intimate story that Panicucci wanted to put pen to paper also in her book, The courage to be happy.

The presenter during the long chat with Toffanin revealed the most intimate part of her soul remembering her father, whose death still represents a pain that has never subsided. Panicucci has in fact admitted that she has not yet overcome her loss but that she tries to remember, every day, that there is always something to be grateful for: "You have to experience pain but there comes a day when you have to go further".

A project that comes at the end of a long journey with the most intimate part of herself in search of that much desired happiness. A troubled path made up of many questions, and ups and downs, which made her discover an unexpected courage when she also questioned her marriage with Mario Fargetta: “You understand that you have to implement that change”.

A moment of crisis that ended with the separation and that turned into a relationship of deep affection also for the good of the children born of their marriage: Sofia and Mattia. Despite the difficult period following their removal, Federica, however, did not close the doors of her heart to love: today, in fact, she found a smile again next to Marco Bacini. A fresh feeling that rests on very solid foundations, so much so that it has brilliantly passed even the delicate test of the lockdown. The example of a woman with incredible strength who managed to start over at fifty by building a beautiful extended family.

An intense life that today Federica is proud to be able to tell with a smile, and even with a few tears, in order to show the happiness of a woman "finally resolved".

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