Vestige of the 1990s, brown lipstick is making a comeback

Vestige of the 1990s, brown lipstick is making a comeback

While fashion continues to be passionate about the 2000s, it is the nineties that currently seem to fascinate beauty fans. As evidenced by the return of brown lipstick, which is a hit both on social networks and at New York Fashion Week. Yet another vestige of this decade that millennials would have (without a doubt) done without.

Touched, but not sunk! Mistreated, if not neglected, during the Covid-19 pandemic, lipstick has managed to (re)gain a place of choice in the bathroom of women – and men – even allowing themselves a few eccentricities during the summer season . But eyes are now turning to autumn and its warm colors, with the return of a trend straight from the 1990s that no one had (or wanted) to see coming: brown (or brown) lipstick . A sacrilege for some, a godsend for others… But in all cases, the color appeals to younger generations, on social networks, as often, but also at the very popular New York Fashion Week.

Over 100 million views

For several weeks, and even more so as fall approaches, brown lipstick has been spreading like wildfire on social networks, to the point that the hashtags #brownlips and #brownlipstick respectively have more than 90 million followers. and nearly 85 million views on TikTok. The result is a host of tutorials highlighting this key trend of the 1990s, which is reminiscent of Rachel Green’s now iconic beauty looks in the series “Friends”. In turn matte, glossy, dark, light, sophisticated or natural, warm or glossy, brown lipstick is available in all flavors – or almost. Because users all seem to agree on two points: the need to use a pencil to support the line, and enhance the color, and the need not to overwork the complexion and eyes to avoid makeup buildup.

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But social users are not the only ones to have embraced this trend straight from the past. The personalities present at New York Fashion Week also seem to have been seduced by brown lips. Avril Lavigne, Julia Fox, Paloma Elsesser, Emily Ratajkowski, and Elsa Hosk, all displayed color on the sidelines of the spring-summer 2024 fashion shows organized in the Big Apple, while many designers abandoned red and pink on the podiums for shades tending to brown. This is particularly the case of Sergio Hudson or Priscavera, among others.

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Cherry Cola et Brownie Glazed

For several months, all the lights seemed to be green to signal the return of brown lipstick. It started in 2022 with the “Brownie Glazed Lips”, which are characterized by shiny lips tending to brown (like the famous cakes), which caused controversy for Hailey Bieber, the one who helped to popularize them, then more recently with the “Cherry Cola Lips” which this time are similar to the famous soft drink, although only cherry red. And what about the now famous “espresso make-up” which clearly gives pride of place to warm, deep brown tones?

So many signals which should have alerted us to a possible return of this flagship trend from the 1990s, which is only just beginning and could emerge as one of the strong inspirations for fall 2023.