“Wanderlove” or when love is found beyond our borders

“Wanderlove” or when love is found beyond our borders

What if you said yes to long distance relationships? This is what the “wanderlove” trend offers, designating singles who seek love beyond the borders of their city. Identified as one of the major trends of 2024, “wanderlove” is gaining popularity in the world of dating.

After the “open casting” and the “celicouple”, here is the “wanderlove”! For those who don’t yet know, this love trend refers to people wanting to go beyond their cities or regions to meet their ideal partner. This new fad, resulting from the fusion between “wandering” (to wander in French) and “love” (love in English), would increase the chances of finding love. Once considered obstacles to the stability of the couple, long-distance relationships are no longer as scary.

According to dating app Fruitz, “wanderlove” is becoming more and more popular. Their recent study reveals that 66% of young French people aged 18 to 24 are ready to travel distances to find love, and 41% of respondents are open to the idea of ​​crossing national borders. In addition, three out of five young people think that a long-distance relationship allows them to develop stronger emotional bonds.

The dating app Bumble had already observed this trend last year during a global study. A third of participants said they were open to a long-distance relationship, and 19% even thought it would be easier to find a partner in another country.

Emma Hathorn, dating expert for the site Seeking, explains in the columns of Metro UK the origins of this romantic phenomenon: “Dating shows with singles from various places have helped to popularize the idea of ​​exploring beyond boundaries when it comes to romance, which also pairs with our love of new experiences and travel.”

She adds: “With dating app burnout becoming more widespread, many people are open to exploring more if they find romance, and now with post-pandemic remote working, long-distance relationships are much more feasible.” It just goes to show that love has no borders!